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How to Be Well Prepared for the New Adventure- Back to School in 2022

by Thimatic 09 Jan 2024 3 Comments

How to Be Well Prepared for the New Adventure- Back to School in 2022

Every year there will be a hectic and stressful time for students and parents- back to school. Students, need to transition from lazy vacation days to strict school schedules. And parents, need to know how to get their children off to a strong start and help them be ready to perform at their best all year long. Here we have some suggestions about how to prepare for the transition from summer to school.

Pay attention to kids’ diet

It’s normal that children will skip breakfast during the summer vacation as they want to stay in bed after staying up late. However, it is normal but not healthy, “children tend to have less energy when they do not eat breakfast, and this can affect their routine for the rest of the day.” Garcia says. Especially in school, children need to concentrate in class and keep active and energized. So, it will be necessary for parents to stock their kitchen with enough healthy breakfast foods, such as oatmeal, whole grain cereals, and eggs for breakfast. The same as breakfast, parents can look over the menu in their children’s school before they go to school, and then prepare a healthy and delicious lunch if their children turn up their noses at the food provided of the day. After school, parents can prepare some healthy snacks for them to choose from. In this way, kids are more not likely to resist healthy foods.












 Keep kids in active bodies

Like good nutrition, sleep plays an important role in getting children ready to back to school. During vacation, have you found your kids are more impatient than they are in school? If they are, then your kids are not getting enough sleep. It is hard for both parents and kids to sleep early or get up early. So, it’s challenging but necessary to start a schedule about getting up 15 minutes earlier one or two weeks before school starts. By getting up earlier, kids will be easier to get tired in the evening and more willing to sleep earlier. Also, do remember not to play computer games or watch TV shows, which are too stimulating before bed. 

Besides enough sleep time, exercise is a great way to keep in active bodies. “Just as kids need to eat every day to stay healthy, they should exercise every day to stay healthy,” says Len Saunders, a physical education teacher in New Jersey and author of Keeping Kids Fit: A Family Plan for Raising Active, Healthy Children. Parents can choose one day to walk to school with their kids or if it is too far to walk to school, you can also choose to walk around after dinner. When back to school, parents should be clear about what their kids are doing in school or what activities they attend, and then, if possible, continue those at home with their kids. By following these, your kids will get a great start and also will provide health for your family.



Be with your kids


The first day will be scary for kids to back to school. Different from parents, kids will wonder what will happen. Generally, these trepidations will go away within a few days after back to school. For some kids, however, parents need to provide some support to help them out. In general, the problems kids will meet when they adjust to the new school year are academic, emotional, or social. In academics, the success kids get in school is mostly tied to the support they get at home. So, parents need to keep in touch with kids’ teachers to know teachers’ expectations of their kids. Then, to be available to help with your kids’ homework. And when you find your kids are frustrated, do not hesitate to take steps early before it becomes an issue. In the social part, kids need friends or at least one best friend. Parents need to care about their kids’ social circles. Lonely will cause huge damage to kids’ emotions. It might keep your kids from adjusting back to school. No matter what causes the problem, try to contact teachers, they are willing to help your kids and know how to solve the problem perfectly.

It will be a big jump for parents and kids to change from having fun in the sun to school rules, much homework, and pressures. However, with sufficient preparation, it will not be so hard to face back to school. And it will be another happy time for you.

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12 Aug 2022 Jennifer

Hate to school but have no choices : (

10 Aug 2022 Joseph

Exactly what I am looking for. Great suggestions!

08 Aug 2022 Morgan

Do help me a lot to prepare for kids back to school. Thanks! : )

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