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How to prepare for Thanksgiving in 2024

by Globo 09 Jan 2024 3 Comments

How to prepare for Thanksgiving in 2024

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s such an incredibly special day that we give our thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year, and also a big day for family gatherings. Do you know how to make great preparation for it? We have listed some tips for you. Come and choose the ones you need! 

Select Some Movies about Thanksgiving

On cold days, it’s soothing to watch movies with families at a cozy home. So we have prepared four classic and fascinating movies to recommend to you. They are super suitable to watch during the festival time!


If there are kids in your family, then a cartoon movie is a great choice. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a classic one for the festival, especially suitable for those who are fans of the series of Charlie. The Free Birds is a more than imaginative story. Have you thought about if a turkey is happy to be the food for Thanksgiving? In this movie, the turkey Jake and Reggie are on an adventure of backing to the first Thanksgiving and trying to take turkey off the menu. See this film to know what happened to them.






Planes, Trains & Automobiles is a relaxing comedy. The two main characters had different personalities and spent a special journey together. There are a lot of twists in the plot during the back-home travel and ends with a warming Thanksgiving.



If you are a fan of football, then The Blind Side is just to your taste. In this movie, you will resonate with the hero, deeply immerse in his growing process of becoming a legendary player, and feel the power of kindness and love. The movie also tells a story of a family and shows how different family members help and support each other, which is meaningful to watch on Thanksgiving and reminds us to show our gratitude to our loved ones

Prepare Some Decorations or Family Activities

Speaking of decorations for Thanksgiving, firstly, we should pay attention to the color. It is usually from the harvest color palette, such as pumpkin, maple, and turkey, which give people a feeling of nature and autumn. The second relates to curbing appeal and aims to lead the first impression year-round. The last concerns light. You can buy some candles or string lights, which will create a more warm atmosphere. Besides the above, inflatable LED toys are convenient and fancy decorations to use. There are various appearances to choose from. These kinds of toys are usually large and soft that can be hugged by a person like Baymax, making you feel happy. We highly recommend you get one for this Thanksgiving!

As for the family activities, there is a fun and memorable game you can try. Prepare a large piece of paper, draw two turkeys and then cut off the heads part and make sure the holes are big enough for people’s heads. Now you have a creative photo frame for Thanksgiving, have fun taking pictures with your families! You can make faces, imitate humorous expressions, whatever you like, enjoy and record the relaxing moment! It will be precious memory when you recall it after years.


Have a Good Check and Make a Shopping List

At Thanksgiving, you may need to prepare for a crowd, so check the cooking tools, cutlery, and recipes ahead of time to avoid any embarrassment. Once you found anything is lacking, you can buy it in advance and would not be hassled.
Another essential preparation is to make a shopping list for Black Friday. After Thanksgiving, Black Friday will soon pop up. It’s necessary to make a shopping list and grab the big sale. 
Here we have a product that super fits the season, steam sauna spa! You may get tired when cleaning and decorating the house, preparing food, or buying different stuff. Then the sauna spa can help you have a good rest. It’s only a low cost but you will have an excellent personal sauna experience. Just set it inside your house, and then add water to the seam pot and only wait for a few minutes, you will have a steam sauna in your home! How convenient it is! You can also take a sauna spa while watching movies, which is so relaxing. The steam sauna can benefit you from the following aspects.
NO.1 The constant temperature around 113°F/45°C can help moisturize the skin, making your skin soft and smooth.
NO.2 Inducing sweating may be helpful to rid your body of toxins and improve heart health.
NO.3 It’s a great way to relieve stress, help you against cold weather, or improve sleep quality. 
That’s all for this blog, we will post more content about Thanksgiving, please stay tuned and have a wonderful day!
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22 Nov 2022 Mary

Looking forward to Thanksgiving!

15 Nov 2022 Vivian

The sauna looks so comfortable

14 Nov 2022 Ivy

Love the movie introduced, gonna see these films

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