VIVOHOME Foundation


  With a more and more diverse customer base, we recognize our obligation and responsibility to support a variety of charitable causes in our communities and to establish our charitable institutions. Therefore, we created VIVOHOME SHARES, through which we can partner with and help charitable organizations in our community. So far, we're off to a good start. In the future, we will do more as we can. 

Serving Disabled People

   As we have cooperations with the company of disabled enterprise, we VIVOHOME SHARES can understand the necessity of serving and respecting disabled people. We try our best to improve the quality of life of people with physical and mental disabilities and provide more opportunities for them to work with us if possible. What we want to provide is the hope for future life for them.

Disaster Relief

  VIVOHOME SHARES always takes an active part in the recovery of  communities that were damaged by natural disasters. We store the   emergency supplies before the damage so that we can provide quick   support immediately. We also have professional first responders to ensure   the whole rescue process is safe and efficient.


   VIVOHOME SHARES works with nonprofit organizations to arrange monetary grants and product donations. When COVID-19 comes, we donated more than 1 million masks to support the work in containing the pandemic. We also offer the funding to support racial justice, environmental protection, and the organization for children who are at risk.

More opportunities

   More and more skilled people are having problems finding a suitable   career. VIVOHOME SHARES provides many open roles for people who   want to join us or want to learn skills. We have professional resources and   manpower to help you adapt to work faster. What’s more, we send gifts or   bonuses to the workers who perform well in the past year.