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How an awning canopy is installed in 2024

by VIVOHOME OFFICIAL 22 Mar 2024 0 Comments

    Your patio or deck may be made into a pleasant outdoor meeting spot for friends and family with the addition of a new awning. Awnings are a cheap, easy-to-use device that may reduce heat and shield you, your furnishings, and yourself from UV radiation.

    Awning a window is a wonderful way to spend a hot day outside. Shade may be obtained by awnings up to 20 degrees below the sun. Additionally, the awning's additional shade will keep your house cooler, which will save your energy expenses. But installing them can be challenging. It might seem intimidating to anchor an awning to your house. However, installing and anchoring new coverings may be done quickly and rather easily with the correct knowledge!

1. Precisely mark the door's center where it will hang. Calculate the door's total length. To get the precise middle of the door, divide that number in half. Mark the middle of the door with a permanent marker or a felt-tip pen. For instance, divide your door in half to obtain 1.75 feet (0.53 meters) if it is 3.5 feet (1.1 meters) wide.

2. Mark the precise center of the awning using a marker. To get the precise center, measure the total length of the awning and divide the result by two. Use a permanent marker or a felt tip pen to discreetly label your awning. For example, mark the spot at 2.5 feet (0.76 meters) if your awning is 5 feet (1.5 meters) long.

3. Raise the awning and mark the location of its installation with a straight line. Get a second person to assist you in lifting the awning to its installation location. Under the awning, draw a line from end to end using a pencil or felt tip. Align the awning's center with the door's center, taking the bracket's length into account. Verify that this line is straight and marks the precise location of the awning.

4. Identify the wall location of the brackets. Two or three wall-mounted brackets that accompany your awning must be installed before it may be used. Lift the brackets at both ends and the middle, using the straight lines as a guide. Then, mark the locations of the holes that need to be drilled using a pencil. Advice: It's crucial to check that the brackets are lined up. Line up the markings you established for the brackets with a tape measure or other straight edge before you begin drilling.

    The real job may now begin. For the mounting bracket screws, drill holes. For precise drill bit directions, refer to your awning's instructions. Drill holes where the brackets are going to be installed using the markings you drew as a reference. A drill bit of 12 or 14 mm is usually recommended per the instructions. A masonry drill is used to drill into brickwork. Before drilling the bigger hole in vinyl siding, reverse drill a smaller hole using a drill. To minimize dust while drilling into plaster, wrap the target area with painter's tape. Drill the tape into the wall after that.

    Screw in the brackets with a drill or screwdriver. After lining up the brackets with the holes, fasten the awning's included screws. Verify the straightness of each bracket using a spirit level. It could also be necessary to put a washer and nut on each screw. To find out exactly what hardware you should be utilizing, consult your instruction manual.

    Reach the brackets with the awning raised. Get assistance from a second person for this portion. Grab the brackets that came with your awning when it was installed. Make sure your awning is straight and snug when you slide it into the brackets. The awning ends should not protrude past the side brackets. Your brackets may not be aligned if your awning does not fit the brackets.

    Fasten the awning pole firmly to the support. To secure the hardware in place, attach it to the awning pole using brackets. Verify that the awning doesn't sway and that the hardware you are using is snug.

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