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How to erect a canopy awning

by Jia Luo 09 Oct 2023 0 Comments

    Your deck or patio may become a pleasant outdoor meeting spot for friends and family with the installation of a new awning. Awnings are a cheap and practical equipment that may shield you from UV rays and keep your furniture cool.

    A terrific approach to enjoy the outdoors on a hot day is to install an awning. Awnings may offer 20 degrees of shelter below the direct sun. Your home will stay cooler thanks to the awning's additional shade, which will save you money on electricity. But installing them can be challenging. It might be intimidating to secure an awning to your house. The installation and anchoring of new covers, however, may be rapid and very simple with the appropriate knowledge!

  1. Make a mark at the exact location of the door's center. The door's total length should be measured. To get the precise middle of the door, divide that number in half. Make a line with a felt-tip pen or a permanent marker across the middle of the door. For instance, divide the width of your door, which is 3.5 feet (1.1 meters), in half to obtain 1.75 feet (0.53 meters).
  1. On the precise middle of the awning, make a mark. To get the precise center, measure the total length of the awning and divide it by two. Make a discrete mark on your awning with a felt-tip pen or permanent marker. Make a mark at 2.5 feet (0.76 meters) if your awning is 5 feet (1.5 meters) long, for instance.
  1. Raise the awning and mark the location for installation with a straight line. Have a second person assist you in lifting the awning to the installation location. Draw a line underneath the awning from beginning to end using a pencil or felt tip. Align the awning's center with the door's center while taking the length of the bracket into account. In order for the awning to be precisely where you want it, this line must be straight.
  1. Indicate on the wall where the brackets will go. Two to three brackets are included with your awning and must be fixed on the wall before installation. Lift the brackets at the ends and the centre, using the straight lines as a guide, and indicate with a pencil where the holes are to be drilled. Note: It's crucial to check that the brackets are straight. Use a tape measure or another straight edge to align the bracket marks before you begin drilling.

    The real job may now begin. Drill the mounting bracket screws' holes. For information on the precise drill bit to use, see your awning's instructions. Drill the holes where the brackets will be installed using the markings you drew as a reference. The instructions will often advise using a 12 or 14mm drill. A masonry drill may be used to drill through brickwork. Before drilling the bigger hole in vinyl siding, drill a smaller hole in the opposite direction. Drilling into plaster requires covering the area with painter's tape to minimize dust. Drill the tape into the wall after that.

    The brackets should be screwed in using a drill or screwdriver. Install the screws that come with the awning after aligning the brackets with the holes. Make sure that every bracket is straight by using a spirit level. On each screw, you might also need to put a nut and a washer in place. To find out exactly what hardware you need to use, consult your user guide.

    To reach the brackets, raise the awning. Ask a friend or family member to assist you with this. Grab the brackets that came with your awning if you can. Make sure your awning is snug and straight when you slide it into the brackets. The awning's ends shouldn't protrude from the side brackets. If your awning does not fit the brackets, your brackets may not be straight.

    The bracket to the awning pole and tighten it. To keep the hardware in place, attach it to the awning pole using brackets. Make sure your awning is stable and that the hardware you are utilizing is secure.

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