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2022 Do I Need A Portable Washing Machine?

by VIVOHOME SUPPORT 30 May 2022 3 Comments

Do I Need A Portable Washing Machine? 


What is a portable washing machine?


portable washing machine is also known as a portable laundry machine, mini washing machine, or mini twin tub. It has almost the same functions as a full-sized washing machine such as washing clothes, towels, and other laundry items. The difference is that, compared to a full-sized one, a portable washing machine is smaller in size, and so does its capacity. Its lightweight (most mini twin tubs weigh about 20lbs.) makes it convenient and super easy to carry around. It is less powerful than a full-sized appliance, still, you can’t underestimate its benefits.




What are the advantages of a portable washing machine?


  1. It is more than convenient.


        Having your own washing machine at home, you won’t need to bother dragging your laundry and going up and down stairs anymore. You don’t have to wait until you have collected a certain amount of dirty clothes, you can always do your laundry whenever you want. And being compact in size, a mini laundry machine will not take up much space. If you are living in a relatively small apartment, this will be a perfect choice since you can easily place it under your sink, or just store it in a corner. What’s more, if you are moving to another place to live, the lightweight washer won’t cause you much trouble.


  1. It is money-saving.


        Using a portable washing machine is an ideal way to reduce spending on laundry. Compared to most home models, a mini washer requires far less water and detergent when it is working. You can always put just two or three things in there without feeling guilty about wasting so much water and detergent. If you're used to going to the laundromat, you may find that you're spending a lot of money and time doing laundry every month. So having a portable laundry machine on hand not only saves you money but also time.


  1. It is perfect for outdoor activities.


        If you travel a lot or enjoy outdoor activities, a portable washing machine will undoubtedly be your ideal partner. How many times do you wish you had a laundry machine on hand to wash all the dirty clothes when you’re on vacation? Due to its lightweight and compactness, a portable washing machine is convenient for you to carry around. You won’t need to worry about not having clean clothes to wear when you are traveling, camping, boating, etc.



Things you need to know when you are using one


1. Remember to read the instruction manual before you use the unit. While all the portable machines may be similar in use, there might be some precise instructions that are different. Therefore, in order to ensure correct use and good results, please read the instructions carefully before use.


2. Depending on the model, some washing machines may have only one hose, while others may have two: one for draining water, and the other for filling water. If your portable laundry machine comes with two hoses, make sure you are plugging the correct hose into the sink.

3. Most washing machines have a line inside to indicate how much water to add. When you are using the machine, please do not add more water than the indicated line. Adding too much water may interfere with the work of the machine and even damage your clothing.

4. After the wash cycle is finished, you will need to drain the dirty water. When placing the hose in the sink, make sure the hose is secure. If the hose falls out, you may end up with dirty water flowing everywhere on your floor.

5. Last but not least, always remember to dry your hands before plugging in and unplugging the machine. It’s easy to get your hands wet when you are doing laundry, so you need to pay extra attention when dealing with the machine’s plug.

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08 Aug 2022 Scarlett

Pay attention to the specific hose, it’s vey improtant

03 Aug 2022 Henry

The washing machine looks practical!

31 Jul 2022 Grace

Washing machine is a must for every family

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