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VIVOHOME Automatic Swimming Pool Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner with 10 3.28 ft Hoses

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  • POWERFUL CLEANING & SUPER SILENT - This VIVOHOME pool suction cleaner is designed to devour all kinds of debris,bugs and algaes quickly and quietly, let you swim in cleaner water, enjoy a heathier and happier swimming time; And it works without annoying hammer noise, creating a silent operation environment.

  • OVERALL CLEANING - Our VIVOHOME automatic suction side pool cleaner is versatile enough to clean above-ground pools as well as inground pools (except soft wall pools) from top to bottom; By adjusting the water flow regulator and pipe’s length, it can climb the walls to remove all dirt and debris on them; And the wheel deflector help keeping the cleaner stable and sweeping the dirty corner through continuously moving and spinning.

  • STRONG ADHESION & BETTER CLEAN - The Finned style disc is adaptive to different surface, including tile, concrete, vinyl and fiberglass; And the TPU material increases its adhesion to pool surface, prevents damage to your pool and hugs the shape of your pool for the best clean.

  • EASY INSTALLATION - No tools required; Just follow the step by step instruction, you can assemble the vacuum sweeper within 15 minutes; The durable and scuff-resistant material ensures its better quality but requires little maintenance, saving you a lot of time.

  • COMPLETE KIT - Including 10 flexible PVC pipes with total length of 32.8ft, which will be suitable for every type and every shape swimming pools; 0.5 HP pump or greater is required to help the suction work normally.


Deflector Wheel

  • The Deflector Wheel keeps the cleaner stable in the water, helps the cleaner continuously moving and cleaning even crowded in a tight corner, enhancing its agility and cleaning ability.

One Cleaner, Adapt to various surfaces
  • The finned style disc is not only adaptive to multiple pool surface, including tile, concret, vinyl and fiberglass, but also provide a wider cleaning path and area, which increase its practicality and efficiency.

10 Flexible Hoses and 2 Weighted Stabilizers
  • You can adjust freely the hose length by adding or removing extra section pipes in order to let the cleaner reach everywhere it wants, which is suitable for all size of pools and beneficial to better cleaning; 2 Weighted Stabilizers keep the pipe banlance and prevent it from been tangled when you clean the pool.

    Product Specifications:
    • Hose length in total : 10m / 32.8 feet; Pool Depth: 0.8-3m/2.5-10feet

    • Pump Power: ≥0.5 HP/1000gallon

    • Main body Material: ABS; Hose Material: PVC; Base Plate Material: TPU

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Suction cleaner (Including Accessories)

    • 1 x Finned style base plate

    • 10 x 1m / 3.28ft hoses