What should I do if the item is found to be damaged? Don't panic, we will provide you with the best solution.


Without canceling the order:

After receiving the goods, please open the package immediately and check whether the items are damaged. If damage occurs, please send the product photos, videos and order number to our email within 48 h:


In the case of order cancellation:

Please do not open the package, please contact the customer service staff:, after confirming the reason for the return, the customer service staff will give you a return address.


How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 1 year.

If the product itself has quality problems within 0~3 months (except for human reasons), we can reissue new products or refund the full amount.

If the product itself has quality problems within 4~12 months (except for human reasons), we can reissue new products.


Can I qualify for warranty under any circumstances?

You can get the warranty qualification if you meet the following conditions:

  • 1. Make sure it is the product purchased on website.
  • 2. The product itself has quality problems rather than man-made damage, including: long-term use and wear and tear of the product.


What is the warranty content?

Send the order number, photos and videos to the customer service staff:

The staff will give a feedback to the video to the supplier.


If the machine itself has quality problems:

  • If it can be repaired, we will send you operating instructions and give you compensation accordingly.
  • If it cannot be repaired, We will reissue new products for free or refund the full amount and the damaged machine does not need to be returned.


VIVOHOME has built its reputation by providing a comfortable and pleasant life experience with our products. Each of our product uses innovative scenarios, perceptions and designs to bring VIVOHOME to life. For all of your needs for home, VIVOHOME has you covered. Please feel free to contact our service support team. Please refer to our Return Policy for more detailed information about returns. We guarantee that we will do our best to resolve your issue as quickly and thoroughly as we can.


We guarantee your privacy will be respected:

We will not distribute your email address, receipt information or any other personal information to others. We will always treat you with our highest respect and we value your privacy. If you want to learn more, please refer to our Privacy Policy.