How to cancel the order?

When the items are not shipped (usually within 12 hours after placing the order), please check the state of the order and contact for cancellation. We will cancel the order and give you a full refund.

The order can't be canceled when the items are already under transportation. Please contact after the goods are delivered if you want to return the item.

Notice: All shipping costs for return will be borne by the customer.

What's the status of my order?

Payment Completed

After completing payment, the order will be processed and a message for confirmation will be sent to the email address that the customer leaves on file.

Item Shipped

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address as soon as the order is shipped. The tracking email might send separately from the shipping email, please pay attention to the email content.

No Emails

If you did not receive a tracking number by email or need to confirm the tracking information, please click the TRACK YOUR ORDER on the right top of the home page of our website or email for help.

Was my order placed successfully?

You can get detailed information by clicking the TRACK YOUR ORDER on the right top of the home page of our website.

Type in the four-digit order number with your email address or phone number, then click the TRACK button, you will get the exact date for the different status of your order. The status is as followings, Ordered, Order Ready, In Transit, Out for Delivery, and Delivered.

You can also get detailed information by typing in the tracking number.

How can I reschedule my Item Delivery?

We work with multiple shipping companies (FedEx, UPS, and USPS) to provide our customers with the safest and fastest shipping experience. You can contact the corresponding carrier for your order to reschedule the estimated delivery time. And feel free to contact us when there are unresolved problems with shipping.