VIVOHOME Wooden 5 Layers 5 Box Langstroth Honey Bee Hive Box with Metal Roof for Beekeeping(Foundation are not Included)

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  • DURABLE MATERIAL - With cedarwood outer box construction, this beehive is stylish and beautiful; Food grade plastic foundation ensures the health and safety of your honey
  • PREMIUM DESIGN - The honeycomb foundation is designed with dovetail joints for easy installation. A pre-assembled and waterproof metal top cover helps keep the elements out and the interior dry
  • REMOVABLE BOARDS - All boards are prepared and sanded for safe use. Inner boards are designed with vents for better ventilation; A detachable bottom board with an entrance reducer allow for easy cleaning and protection for your bees
  • LARGE SPACE - The entire 5 layer hive measures 16.3"(W)x 19.9"(D) x 37.8"(H), while the medium box is 19.9" x 16.3" x 6.6" and deep inset box is 19.9" x 16.3" x 9.5"
  • COMPLETE KIT - Comes with 1 x deep box, 4 x medium box, 1 x bottom board, 1 x entrance reducer, 1 x inner cover, 1 x top cover, 1 x queen excluder; Easy to assemble and can be set-up in 10 minutes