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VIVOHOME Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat and Thermostat Controller Combo Set

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  • COMBO SET - Package includes 1-pack 10*20.75 inch seedling heat mat and 1-pack digital thermostat controller; Comes with a handy carrying bag; Seeds germinated and you need to store the mat? Simply roll it up and pack it away, guaranteed not to take up much room.

  • WARM YOUR ROOT AREA - Seedling heat mat will automatically warms rooting area 10-20°F over ambient temperature; Can be used indoors or in a greenhouse, providing enough heat to get your garden established and keep it healthy.

  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Thermostat controllerI will improve propagation rates by maintaining ideal root temperatures between 40-108°F (5-42°C). Control device allows gardeners to select and maintain optimum rooting temperatures for faster seedling and cutting growth.

  • EASY TO USE - Just place the heat mat on a flat, dry surface under a seedling tray and plug the cord into a standard 120V outlet to begin heating your starts; The digital controller features 3-button interface for simple operation and easy calibration; Compatible with almost all heat mats.

  • SAFETY GUARANTEED - The heat mat complies with MET standards; It can be safely plugged into the 3-end outlet socket of thermostat controller that is UL certified, which supports a 1000W power load; Equipped with a 5.8 feet long power cord and a 6.4 feet long probe cord, it is ideal for wherever you need to place.

How to Use the Digital Thermostat Controller
  1. Press the SET button to display the current pre-set temperature. The thermostat's LED screen shows the current temperature whenever the SET is not activated.

  2. Press and hold the SET button for 3s to enter temperature selection mode. Press the UP or DOWN button to adjust the temperature. The thermostat's LED screen shows the numbers as you cycle through them. Press the SET button again to set the chosen temperature. The HEATING light cycles on when the mat is in the process of heating. When the LED is not lit, the mat is not providing heat. The light turns off automatically when the mat reaches the pre-set temperature.

  3. Pree and hold the DOWN button for 3s to display the temperature in Celsius. Press and hold the UP button to display the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 10 Inch x 20.75 Inch

  • Temperature range: 40-108°F

  • Could I use this under the sand in my nest box to keep my chicken’s eggs from freezing?

    Yes, you could.

  • Mine blinks constantly. i have tried 77 degrees f and 80 degrees f. why does it blink 24 hour a day?

    After your long pressing the SET button for 3s to enter temperature selection mode. Press the SET button again to set the chosen temperature.

  • Can this be used to sit under herbal infusion oil jars? Is it okay in the entire mat sutface isnt covered?

    The simple answers are yes and yes. If it’s not fully covered it may draw more power, but it’ll maintain a steady temp.

  • If placed in an enclosure, will it raise the ambient temperature of the whole enclosure over time? Or is the heat very localized to the pad only?

    It will rise to 40 degrees and then stabilize, because there will be heat dissipation, it will not stay 40 degrees.

  • How many heat pads can connect to this unit?

    Generally, a thermostat can be connected with one heating pad because there is only one jack. However, if the jack is connected to the power strip, you can connect multiple heating pads, but ensure that the power cannot exceed 1000W.