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VIVOHOME Vacuum Seal Waterproof Reusable Mattress Cover Moving Bag

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  • SAFE AND SECURE MATTRESS BAG - Heavy construction and thick material, this mattress cover proved to be very sturdy and durable; The bag has been tested over 200 times by moving up and down with a mattress measuring 78.7" L×71" W×12" D and weighing 123lbs and it is still in perfect condition.

  • PREMIUM WATERPROOF MATERIAL - Made of thick PE (polyethylene) material, the giant tarp is zipped up to seal the mattress and box spring from moisture, water, dirt, dust, and bugs; Both mattress and box spring are well-protected while being stored in the garage or carried upstairs and downstairs.

  • 8 CONVENIENT HANDLES - There are 4 handles on each side made the protector easy to carry or move around; Perfect for grabbing hold of and maneuvering to the truck; The fabrics on the handles are been reinforced strong inside and outside to prevent tearing.

  • 2 STRONG HEAVY DUTY ZIPPERS - Different from size #5 zippers that sold commonly in the market, this VIVOHOME's trap storage bag equipped with double #10 metal zippers which are strong, sturdy and better than regular zippers; Head to head, they move smoothly with little noise.

  • EASY TO USE AND REUSABLE - The 2 zippers on the bag fully open on three sides making it extremely easy to get mattress or box spring in it with plenty of room to spare; The cover will keep your mattress in good condition; After moving use, it can be folded up and stored for any future moves.

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More About Product:

  • Color: Silver with black handles

  • Material: 130g PE Tarpaulin

  • Zippers: #10


  • TWIN: 77’’ L x 42’’ W x 16’’ D

  • FULL: 77’’ L x 57’’ W x 16’’ D

  • QUEEN: 82’’ L x 63’’ W x 16’’ D

  • KING: 82’’ L x 79’’ W x 16’’ D