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VIVOHOME Heat Mat Thermostat Controller 40-108°F

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  • IDEAL TEMP CONTROL - Improve propagation rates by maintaining root zone temperatures between 40-108°F (5-42°C); Provide constant optimum temperatures for specific plants and controls temperature in colder or warmer environments.

  • COMPACT CONSTRUCTION - High-quality plastic housing with a protective film on front panel with ample durability ensures it will not rust or malfunction under tough conditions; Suction cup on the power cord helps to fix the sensor probe to the target.

  • LED INDICATOR - Included illuminated LED screen display is easy to read and the program will help you to keep in mind the current temperature and read in even dark environments; Easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit to meet your needs.

  • EASY SET-UP - Simply plug the mat into the thermostat then place the temperature probe at the desired location; The 3 sensitive buttons interface makes a smooth operation and can easily be calibrated; Compatible with almost all heat mats.

  • SAFETY GUARANTEED - Heat mat can be safely plugged into an angled 3-end outlet socket that is UL certified, which also prevents cords from tangling and supports a 1000W power load; Equipped with a 5.8 ft-long power cord and a 6.4 ft-long probe cord, it is ideal for wherever you need to place.

Using The Controller

  1. Press the SET button to display the current pre-set temperature. The thermostat's LED screen shows the current temperature whenever the SET is not activated.

  2. Press and hold the SET button for 3s to enter temperature selection mode. Press the UP or DOWN button to adjust the temperature. The thermostat's LED screen shows the numbers as you cycle through them. Press the SET button again to set the chosen temperature. The HEATING light cycles on when the mat is in the process of heating. When the LED is not lit, the mat is not providing heat. The light turns off automatically when the mat reaches the pre-set temperature.

  3. Pree and hold the DOWN button for 3s to display the temperature in Celsius. Press and hold the UP button to display the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Product Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: 120 V/60 Hz

  • Maximum curren:8.3 A

  • Maximum Wattage: 1000 W

  • Temperature setting range: 40-108°F (5-42°C)