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VIVOHOME Aluminum 6/8 Blade Heat Powered Fireplace Stove Fan with Thermometer for Wood Log Burning and Circulating Warm
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POWERFUL UPGRADE 6 BLADES - Less consumption, more efficiency; Upgraded from the traditional four-blade to six-blade, the hot air transmission efficiency is increased by 40%; The newly upgrade 6-blade and marvelous aluminum oxide heat powered stove fan dramatically improves the distribution of warm air; More wood fuel and energy can be saved; Circulation of 80-170 CFM
HEAT POWERED - No batteries, electricity, and thermal power are required for the fan to operate in case of power outages; The heat-powered fan automatically operates by itself when the temperature is reach 150-230℉; The hotter the furnace is, the more air the fan circulates

OVERHEAT PROTECTION - The temperature indicator bar on the top of the radiator displays the temperature of the fireplace's top in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius; The optimal operating temperature for the stove fan is when the temperature control bar indicates a temperature range of 113-131℉; Please remove the fan from the stove when the indicator bar displays 60℃ /140℉ in order to protect it from damage

WHISPER QUIET & EASY OPERATION - Ultimate quality materials and special design ensure the currently working volume of the fan is 25-35 dB; This fan runs on kinetic energy converted from heat automatically without switch; You can enjoy a warm and comfortable environment in cold winter days with your friends and families

STURDY AND DURABLE DESIGN - The main body of the wood stove fan is made of high-quality alumina which has high hardness, good wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature stability; The premium material helps extend the use time; The unique designed base ensures that the fan neither rattling or shaking when in operation

Product Details

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Air Flow: 80-170 CFM
  • Temperature: 158°F-653°F(70℃-345℃)



Anodized Aluminum

Air Flow

80-170 CFM





compact and practical

VIVOHME Heat Powered Stove Fan

Are you still bothered that you can only get close to the stove to get warm? VIVOHOME heat-powered stove fan will bring you a different winter. It relies on the heat transferred from the stove and thus spread the hot air. No worry about power outages, practical winter goodies is waiting for you!

Elegant Looking & Safe Protection

VIVOHOME 23" Electric Fireplace Log Set Heater Black

With the vivid and realistic 3D flame lighting effect, the VIVOHOME Electric Fireplace provides your home with a warm ambiance for the upcoming cold winter. You can easily adjust the settings via the remote control or the control panel. It saves energy, illuminates, and warms up your home.

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