VIVOHOME Air Stones 4 x 2 Inch, Cylinder Airstones Diffuser for Aquarium Fish Tank Hydroponics Pump, Pack of 2

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  • RELIABLE RESULTS - Effectively adds and circulates oxygen and nutrition while lowering CO2 levels in your aquarium or hydroponic growing system
  • UPGRADE YOUR GROWING - Made from environmentally-friendly and non-toxic mineral material, extend the life of your nutrient solution, keep roots healthy, and invigorate your aquatic life without worrying about adverse effects
  • PREMIUM SPECS - It's measured 4" Height and 2" Diameter, fits to 4mm/0.16" (Inner diameter) air tubing. Can be used with a high-output air pump for air circulation
  • FINE BUBBLES - High-quality mineral material with microvoid design makes an abundance of small bubbles for oxygen replacement
  • MULTI-USE - Fit for hydroponic systems, ponds, aquariums, fish tanks, and other water-based systems. Simply attach airline tubing to the air stone and place it in the desired location