VIVOHOME 6.5L Automatic Pet Feeder Programmable Food Dispenser with Timer, Voice Recording for up to 4 Meals per Day

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  • AUTOMATICALLY FEEDING â€?The automatic pet feeder ensures your pet is fed when you aren’t at home, especially suitable for office workers and people who always travels for business; You can customize your pet's meals 4 times a day; Totally 39 adjustable feeding gears, and each gear has 2 kinds of food for choice; No need to rush home from company to feed your dog, or worry who feds the cat, your best friend will get the right amount of food on time no matter how busy your are
  • DUPLICATE POWER SUPPLY â€?The pet food dispenser is supported by both USB charger and battery in case of power outage; If the power outage occurs, the automatic cat feeder will continue working driven by batteries to make sure your pet gets fed
  • EASY OPERATION â€?Easily adjust the settings by the LCD clock and your pet will enjoy meals on the schedule you set; In addition, the removable feeding tray is safe and easy to wash
  • AMPLE STORAGE â€?With a maximum amount of food storage, the feeder can hold around 6.5L food, which can ensure the enough nutrition provided for your pets; Plus it is helpful to foster eating routines and handle healthy issues
  • RECORDING FUNCTION â€?It is a common occurrence that your pets may be hesitant to eat while you’re gone; The automatic cet feeder supports recording for mealtime calling, allowing to record your voice to play when food distribution; Your voice will let her know it’s time to eat