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VIVOHOME 11 Inch 304 Stainless Steel Steamer Pot

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  • TOP QUALITY - VIVOHOME Steamer Pot adopts 304 stainless steel, which is food grade materials, it allows cooking surface maintain the pure flavor of food; thanks to the 3-layer composite structure at the bottom of the steamer pot and two welding techniques uniforming heat dissipation, it can heat rapidly and will not create any burning smell or color fading.

  • LARGE CAPACITY - The steaming cooking pot has a capacity of 8.5qt, and the two-layer steamer can hold up to 5/12qt, which can accommodate multiple Ingredients at one time. What's more, the vented tempered glass lid of the steaming cookware is arched so it makes the steamer pot can provide more cooking space perfectly

  • DIVERSIFY & EFFICIENT DESIGN - Not just a steamer pot, also can be used as a stockpot to meet your various cooking needs; 3 layers design allows you to have more combination options; Special reflux design, along with 2 steaming nets, save energy but cook food fast at the same time.

  • POWERFUL COMPATIBILITY - Benefit from three-layer composite material design in the bottom, which can effectively heat the bottom of the stainless steel steamer evenly, the steaming pot are compatible with all kinds of stoves, including induction, electric, gas, grill stove top and so on.

Product Specifications:

  • Number of steamers: 2

  • Number of removable steaming racks: 2

  • Pot height: 6.7 inches

  • Steamer height: 3.9nches

The manual says heat the pot with white vinegar before using for the first time. Do you know why?
White vinegar helps to remove dirt, deodorize, and kill bacteria. This procedure could help you better use the pot and extend its life.
is there a blend of aluminum material or this is pure stainless 304 steel?
It is 304 stainless steel. There is an aluminum plate welded on the bottom, but it will not be in contact with food.
Can you steam crab legs and shrimp in this pot?
Surely you can steam crab legs and shrimp in this pot. Besides, you can also cook and steam various food even like dumplings, rice cakes, and embutido etc.
Can you add water while steaming items that take 4 hours to cook?
It is better to add water while the pot is cool.
Is the 12.2 inch width inside or outside measurement? What are the heights of the 3 individual tiers?
VIVOHOME Steamer Pot is in the total height of 21.65". The inside width is 11.81" and the outside width is 12.60". The height of each tier is 4.72".