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RV Macerator Pump 12V 12 GPM with Exit Hose
  • Separates clean & dirty water

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  • Removes 99% of bacteria**

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READY TO USE - With a 1"ID hose and a 3/4" standard garden hose provided, you do not need to buy any other accessories anymore; It is more convenient to connect this water pressure pump to a standard 3" RV drain outlet directly; You can easily connect the pump to the cigarette adapter with the 2.3-meter-long power cord
STRONG PERFORMANCE - Equipped with a 12V DC Permanent magnet motor and fully enclosed with stainless steel shaft, the self-priming pump is able to empty a typical 40-gallon holding tank in less than 5 minutes; With a double quad-blade, the stainless steel cutter can reduce debris to a maximum size of 1/8"; You can easily mash and flush waste from kitchens, RVs, yachts, etc. directly down the drain in a short time

DURABLE DESIGN - The portable water pressure pump comes with an iron plate which adapts to a galvanized anti-rust treatment; The pump does not easily corrode and is highly resistant to oxidation, so you can use it for a long time without extra maintenance; The iron plate base is also anti-vibration, providing a quiet environment when you are using the pump

SAFE AND SECURE - Built-in thermal overload protection design helps you to deal with the waste more safely; The macerator pump will stop automatically when the motor overheats, and restarts when the temperature decreases to a tolerable range; The thermal protection provides convenience for you to remove and store the pump right after using; Manual churning function is applied in case of unexpected problems such as putting in solid objects or rags

SIMPLE OPERATION - Comes with a detailed instruction manual, the pump is easy to assemble and disassemble; The waste pump with fresh water rinse capabilities weighs only 5.1lbs, makes it more convenient for cleanup and storage; The portable pump is surely a perfect choice for you to maintain your tanks at home or when you are traveling with your RVs

Product Details

  • Material: PA6
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Flow Rate:  12 GPM






Rotation Rate





9.8 ft

Flow Rate

12 GPM

SPECSTAR 12V Self-Priming Macerator Pump with a 3/4" standard garden hose


Make your life easier with the SPECSTAR macerator pump! Dealing with gray and black water is always an undesirable experience. This self-priming pump is now here to help you out with its considerate design and powerful performance. It saves your effort when you want to empty the waste and it does not take a long time no matter you are at home or having a trip with your RVs.

  • The pump is compatible with most of the RV waste outlets

  • It is able to dump waste at a longer distance up to 9.8ft

  • With shockproof iron plate mounting base, it greatly reduces noise

  • Being capable of fresh water rinse, it is easy to keep the pump clean

  • The waste water pump enables you to drain holding tanks at home

Want The Whole Place Visible?

Complete Accessories

The waste water outlet is equipped 1"ID hose and a 3/4" standard garden hose, making it easy to connect with the standard drain outlet directly. The pump also comes with a European plug and 2.3-meter power cord which provides convenience for your use.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

Long and Safe Flush Hose

The double quad-blade enables you to macerate the waste into small particles at a maximum size of 1/8", which helps you to mash and flush dirt directly down the drain. It is a powerful item to keep your tank waste-free.

Catch them in the act

Upgrade Flush Nozzle

The mounting base with an anti-vibration design provides a quieter environment when you are using the pump. And the surface adopts galvanized anti-rust treatment, which makes it durable and lengthens its service life even in a humid environment.

Upgrade Flush Nozzle

The macerator pump has a manual churning function to help you with the possible contingencies. If the pump stopped working because of the blocked blade, you can open the bottom cover and turn the middle screw with a straight screwdriver to manually mash the blockage.

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