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Exhaust Inline Duct Fan For Shop Kitchen Whole House Grow Tent Ventilation Portable VIVOHOME

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  • EFFICIENT FAN - Quiet and efficient design, work well in ventilating grow tents, transfer heat or cool rooms, circulate fresh air, and control proper humidity, temperature, and air quality for your grow area; Be aware that 195 CFM is the maximum value of air flow tested at ZERO atmospheric pressure.

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - Blades are made with high-quality components for smooth, whisper-quiet operation; Ultra-accurate craftsmanship of the centrifuge reduces noise and vibration; Compact design means minimal use of space and will fit in any grow room.

  • LOW NOISE - Fan runs at 2930 RPM with 195 CFM of airflow; Fan is equipped with a flow deflector to cut noise output; Runs at 30 dB noise level to ensure your grow operation won’t disturb your life.

  • EASY TO INSTALL - Simply affix the exhaust and intake mounting flange together with locking tabs, no tools or screws required; The housing, even the impeller and blades, are easy to detach for cleaning and maintenance.

  • WIDE APPLICATIONS - Clean and freshen the air for your plants, keeping your environment cool and balanced, ideal for indoor ventilation and odor filtration; Widely used in pharmacies, bakeries, cafes, grow tents, hydroponics, bathrooms, greenhouses, basement workshops, etc.

Product Features:

Material: Plastic

Color: Black

Condition: 100% brand new

Air flow: Max. 195 cfm

Package Dimensions: 8.3"L*7.8"W*7.2"H

Item Weight: 3lbs

Package Inlcude: 1 x Inline Ventilation Duct Fan

  • Designed to quietly ventilate grow tents, transfer heating cooling to rooms, circulate fresh air etc

  • Fan blades made with high quality components for smooth operation, centrifuge reduces noise

  • Maximizes airflow. Ideal for indoor ventilation and odor filtration

  • Cleans and freshens the air you and your plants breath

  • Widely used in pharmacies, bakeries, cafes, grow tents, hydroponics rooms, greenhouses etc