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DEStar Premium Pine Wood Bat House Box Shelter Outdoor with Single Chamber and Metal Hook

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  • NATURAL MATERIALS - This bat house is hand-crafted from premium pine wood; The pine material is hard, water-resistant and durable, ensuring that the box will not easily be damaged or deformed; Can be hung outdoors year-round, creating a home for your friendly neighbors; Wood is relatively elastic and breathable yet retains heat well to provide a warm and comfortable environment for bats.

  • DESIGNED FOR BATS - We designed this bat house to give bats their best life; Specially designed internal and external habitats are more attractive to these animals for their comfort and safety; We dyed the box dark to create a better shelter and its ideal for most climates.

  • THE IDEAL SHELTER - The interior of the box is designed with a 1-foot stripe interval, which makes it easier for bats to roost on the inside; In addition, rough platforms and ridged edges make it easy to land; The bat box has a cavity narrow enough to provide a comfortable living space for the bat while being protected from the outside; The thickness of the board is more than 0.39 inches, increasing durability; Overall dimensions: 14.8" (L) x 10.0" (W) x 3.5" (H).

  • EASY TO INSTALL - This bat house is fully assembled before leaving the factory, so you do not need to reassemble it when it arrives at your home; The sturdy metal hook guarantees that the house is stable and secure enough to hang anywhere, ensuring the bats safety.

  • INSECT EXTERMINATORS - Bats play a very important role in maintaining the ecological balance of nature; Various insectivorous bats can help eliminate a large number of mosquitoes, night moths, nuns, and other pests, and can prey on more than 3,000 in a single night; Bat guano is also an excellent fertilizer for your garden and is useful for agricultural production; In addition, bats are beneficial plant pollinators; Our bat house provides a satisfying living environment for this mighty guardian.

Product Specifications:

  • Color: Brown

  • Material: Pine Wood

  • Product Dimensions: 14.8"(L) x 10.0"(W) x 3.5"(H)

  • Thickness of Wood: 0.39 Inch

  • Gross Weight: 3.41 LBS