DEStar Dog Agility Equipment Obstacle Training Course Kit with Tunnel Adjustable Hurdles Poles Bag

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our training tunnel and carrying bag are made of 190T tear-resistant polyester fabric; Even after being scratched by the paws, there will be no large-scale damage; Training poles are made of ABS, which has a very good strong impact resistance and moisture; Environmental protection materials make it non-toxic and odorless; You can rest assured to use it for your pets; More than that, our nails are made of stainless steel; Withstands the test of time, even when used outdoors
  • BETTER COMBINATION - We have the most complete training set prepared for you£»Our set includes a 55.12" long pets tunnel; 8 double-colored obstacle bars with ground nails installed; square fixed-point pause box and 10 stainless steel L-shaped ground nails etc.; In addition, we also prepared you two carrying bags for tunnels and poles and a small Oxford bag for nails and components; It is convenient for you to easily organize and carry at any time
  • A GREAT CHOICE FOR PETS - Our pet training kits are perfect for your pet training£»You can do agile training for these cute little guys, which includes tunnel drilling, pauses, jumping and more; Whether it is physical training, agility training, or the ability to show off your pet's exclusive skills in the pet world, it is your best choice; If you are raising a pet for the first time, congratulations, our kit is a great platform for you to meet new partners
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - Although the kit has many parts, it does not affect your installation£»The set is equipped with sufficient ground nails, suitable for indoor and outdoor training£»Considering that pets may have tunnel offset due to their large size during the tunnel, we added 2 additional webbings at both sides of the tunnel to ensure that it won¡¯t slip during training; We also equipped you with 2 carrying bags, which is convenient for you to store anytime, even if you are traveling by car
  • ENJOY WONDERFUL TIME TOGETHER - I believe that any pet lover will spend a lot of time on their pets, because the companionship between people and pets is mutual; Building mutual trust is a key step in getting acquainted with your pet; The purchase of such a training combination set is nothing but a icing on the cake; After training again and again, not only the agility of pets is increased, but your little cutes are also enough to enjoy the full love of the owner