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VIVOHOME Best Air Pump Portable For Aquarium Fish Tank Pool Commercial Hydroponic Systems

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  • GREAT OUTPUT - Powerful electromagnetic motor pushes 950 gallons per hour to deliver lots of airflow; 6 outlets are ideal for running several waterfarms or multiple air stones at one time.

  • STURDY BUILD - The electrical magnetic air compressor in a high-quality aluminum alloy case; Cylinders and pistons are made of premium materials, making the pump strong and durable.

  • EASY TO USE - Comes in ready to go; Convenient to operate without oil for producing purer compressed air; Easily controlled with the attached splitter bank.

  • HEAT CONTROL - This pump plated aluminum alloy, which is anticorrosive and excellent in heat radiation; And make sure there is plenty of ventilation when the pump is in use.

  • WIDE APPLICATIONS - This aerator can be widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems, working great for raising the pH in swimming pool, and also does a great job in brewing your compost tea.

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  • Principle of Work

When the electromagnetic coils are energized by AC power, a magenatic force is generated. Under the action of this magnatic force and the pressure spring, the piston moves reciprocally so that the volume of cylinder changes. This leads to the automatic opening and shutting of the inlet and out let valves and thus achieves the work cycle of air intake, compressing and discharging.

  • Wide Usage

It's used for aquaculture, oxygen supplying for seafood in hotels, restaurants, seafood booth and feading pool, etc. It's also used for air supply spare parts of food machine, bathing pool, medical instrument, art spraying, designing and making advertising lamp and new-type LPG and LNG, etc.

  • Kindly Note

Under high air pressure working, it's normal that air pump turns a little hot. Appropriate operation to dissipate the heat can prolong the life of air pump.

Correct storage is necessary. Please keep the unit away from high temperature, sunshine, damp or duse.

Make the applicance is grounded properly while in use to protect the operator from electric shock.

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  • 1.Connect air outlet adapter to the distributor and start the unit. For using in aquatic breeding pond, the outlet hose may be connected to pipe distributors for air stones or art curtains

  • 2.In case the air exhaust is reduced or without air exhaust, check the connecting parts for leakage, or disconnect the plug, remove the front cover, the valve and the valve base, wash away the dust on them with water, remount with care after drying.

  • 3.If the units does not work after connecting to the power source, in most cases the connecting point of the diode is broken or obvious shifting happens between the gap of the motor's piston and housing due to the rough transportation, reassembly of all parts is needed for resuming.

Product Warranty:

We assure the item you received is 100% safe and sound. For any defective item, please contact our customer service for satisfaction guaranteed solution.











20L/min; 317GPH

60L/min; 950GPH

70L/min; 1110GPH

110L/min; 1750GPH

















20W Air Pump

32W Air Pump

50W Air Pump

102W Air Pump


Package Include:

  • 1 x Air Pump

  • 1 x Outlet divider

    • what size hose does the pump use and the splitter use?

      Pump 3/8” ID manifold 3/16” ID

    • Is there a warranty?

      For this item, we usually offer a 12-month warranty except for any inappropriate use and personal damage.

    • Is there somewhere to buy another 6 way gang valve?

      We seldom sell separate parts on Amazon. However, we usually offer a 1-year warranty for our product, if your item is broken during this period, you can contact us via Amazon & app’s direct messaging service for replacement.

    • Can I use this compressor to create a scuba hookah?

      This compressor can not be used to create a scuba hookah.

    • Is the compressor rebuildable once diaphragm are worn?

      Yes, you could search it online and replace it as it's consumables and we don't have additional diaphragms to sell.