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VIVOHOME Electric Submersible Water Pump for Waterfall Fountains Fish Tank and Aquarium

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  • PROFESSIONAL PUMP - The water pump is designed for pond, water gardens, fountains, aquariums, waterfalls, statuary hydroponic, irrigation systems and water features; It's both submersible and can be used terrestrially, but long-time terrestrial use is NOT recommended.

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - The outer shell is made of epoxy resin with IPX8 waterproof rating, while the shaft and drive ring piece are made from ceramics material (1600GPH/2700GPH) or silicon carbide material (4500GPH/5300GPH/9000GPH).

  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION - High-performance magnetic drive motor technology leads this pump energy efficient and simple to maintain; Oil-free and quiet operation keep the noise level between 30–40 DB.

  • DIRECTION ADJUSTABLE - The water outlet direction can be adjusted to 5 positions to meet different water spraying needs; Output valve fits adapter that fit 2" (Inner Diameter) tubing and lift height can be up to 26.9 feet.

  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - A protective mesh shield encloses the pump and keeps out large debris, which reduce need for maintenance; The portable handle makes it easy to move for your pumping needs; A pre-wired 20.3-foot power cord makes the pump easy to use.