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VIVOHOME Rotary Vane Air Vacuum Pump with Oil Bottle ETL Listed

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  • VIVOHOME AIR VACUUM PUMP - Perfect for those who are looking to self diagnoses or recharging AC systems; It maintains air conditioning systems by efficient removing moisture before refilling refrigerant.

  • COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE DESIGN - Ergonomic grips / gripped handle is designed for superior comfort and portability.

  • CONVENIENT TO OPERATE - It features a simple oil filled port for a clean pour, oil window provides vital information like oil level and oil quality.

  • WIDELY U.S.ED IN VARIOUS SYSTEMS - Perfect for maintaining R134a, R12, R22 and R502 air conditioning systems. NOT SUITABLE for R410a system.

  • PERFECT FOR DIFFERENT NEEDS - Ideal for automotive air conditioning, HVAC work, refrigeration and other applications and industrial needs that require high vacuum pull from a compact pump.

Product Specifications:

  • Item Weight :12.29 pounds

  • Package Dimensions :12.56 x 10.51 x 6.22 inches

    How long does it take to pump the system down?
    It is based on the size of the container. A 10L container is pumped to -30inhg in 7 minutes, and the vacuum is reduced when less than 10L (for example, a 1 liter container takes 42 seconds).
    Is this a single or two stage pump?
    It is a dual-stage pump.
    What type of oil does this use?
    Vacuum pump oil or 100# lubricating oil.
    What is the amp draw on the 1/2 horsepower model?
    Generally, 3.7a, instantaneous current at 8A at startup.