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VIVOHOME Outdoor 3-Burner Stove Cooker for Camping Cookout

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  • THREE INDIVIDUAL BURNER STOVES - The 3 burners can be operated independently and you can control the flame height with extreme accuracy to ensure you’re cooking at the right rate.

  • HUGE HEAT OUTPUT - The flame can be adjusted by the regulator or by controlling the propane flow with the propane tank valve for best high flame and fast maximum heat output; The 3 powerful burners can output max. 225,000 total BTU/hr, for 75,000 BTU each with 20 PSI; LPG is highly recommend.

  • VERSATILE STOVE ON STAND - With detachable legs, this outdoor stove is compact, portable and easy to travel with; The 4 legs are super sturdy once tightly secured to the stove's body; It can also be used as a countertop stove without legs.

  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made of a sturdy metal frame, the gas burner has cast iron top which can bear high temperatures, retard rusting, and is durable enough for a long service life.

  • GREAT OUTDOOR COOKING BUDDY - With 3 powerful burners to work with, this burner stove makes camp cooking easily and works well for outside if you cook smelly food and don't want the smell in your house; Perfect for outdoor cooking, camping and parties.

Product Specifications:

  • Power Source: Gas Powered

  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

  • Rated output: 54,000 total BTU/hr, for 18,000 BTU each

what's the cooking surface dimensions?
The cooking surface is about 87*45 cm.
how much weight can it support?
It's pretty sturdy, it will support a large dutch oven or cast iron skillet.
Could this stove be used for pressure canning?
What to clean it up with?
You can clean it with a scouring pad or whatever you want.