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VIVOHOME Heavy Duty 4.5 Ton Capacity Steel Scissor Jacks Leveling Lift Stabilizer Set of 2

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  • MULTIPLE USES – The 2 leveling scissor jacks can support up to 5,000lbs individually, which can stabilize and level most RVs and cars for maintenance; A necessary tool for all drivers.

  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE – The extended height is 24 inches while the retracted height is 5 inches; The retracted length is 26 inches and the width is 7;5 inches; This adjustable design is perfect for different kinds of maintenance situations; Super easy to operate when adjusting with the speed handle.

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS – Made of a high-quality black Powder-Coated Finish, these scissor jacks are stable enough to keep the chassis steady on the road, helping to raise and lower the spare tire from the vehicle.

  • EXCELLENT DESIGN – Jacks are compact and portable and the 2 scissor jacks will not occupy too much space in the trunk of your car or in the garage; With this useful product, people can greatly reduce the strength and effort needed when repairing your vehicle.

  • SAFE & RELIABLE – A useful product, the jack can be operated in narrow spaces and help you avoid finger injuries when working; Keep your RV or your car steady and safe while you operate, it is a necessary tool for any garage.

Usage Method:

  • Before using the jacks, please place for bricks or other stable objects beneath the wheels of your car so that it will not roll away. Then place the jack beneath the frame of the car.

  • Second, rotate the jack by hand until the jack is closely wedged with the vehicle base.

  • Third, put the ratchet wrench into the jack, and then rotate the wrench, gradually elevating the vehicle.

  • Fourth, it is recommended to add engine oil (not included) into screw of the jack to make the screw rotation smoother and reduce the friction.

Package Includes:

  • 2 x steel jacks

  • 1 x crank handle

  • 1 x 3/4" hex magnetic socket

  • 8 x 3/8" mounting screws

Can these be truly used to level a Travel Trailer?
Are the bolt patterns standard? Or are they particular to the travel trailer?
Bolt specification: length about 3.6cm, inner hexagon diameter 1.5cm
How soon can I receive my product?
About 2-5 days.If the logistics time is delayed due to unexpected circumstances, we will compensate accordingly according to the product.
Where is the shipment from?
In the United States, all products are shipped from the United States, so there is no need to worry about logistics time.