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VIVOHOME Dual Fans Airbrush Paint Spray Booth Kit with 3 LED Lights

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  • INEXHAUSTABLE POWER - This airbrush studio is used for expelling noxious fumes produced by airbrushes, spray guns, or nail polish; Preassembled blue filter sponge and inner fan absorb or remove any particles and fumes created during work; Guaranteed to make a healthier workspace.

  • PORTABLE, COMPACT DESIGN – The foldable booth is easy to set up and collapse into a suitcase shape with a handle for convenient transportation and storage; Fits comfortably under any seat or off to the side in a garage or trunk.

  • PREMIUM DETAILS - 3 built-in LED lights create a well-lit workspace; A revolving turntable helps you get all sides of your model; And the long, flexible ventilation hose can be extended from 2.3ft to 3.3ft and connects with just a 1-inch window or door gap.

  • THE IDEAL TOOL - Partner this ventilation with VIVOHOME's airbrush air compressor for a complete set-up, whether you're creating model cars, cakes, small parts, toys, ceramics, t-shirts, DIYs, radio-controlled models, mini-collections, or other craft hobbies.

Product Specifications:
  • Voltage (Adaptor): AC 110V

  • Frequency: 50/60Hz

  • Working Voltage: DC 12V

  • Current: 1.6A

  • Airflow: 9m³/min

  • Fan Power: 25W

  • Length of Filter Tube: 0.7-1.7m/2.3-5.6ft

  • LED Lume: 1200LM

What diameter is the exhaust hose?
4 1/8 inches
What is the maximum length of the exhaust duct?
The maximum length is 1.5 meters.
Can I use this to prime my minitures with spray paint?
Yes, you can.
Can this booth be used for flammable paints?
Yes, the machine itself can use these paints, but you should be careful.