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VIVOHOME 80/100/120 Inch Manual Pull Down Projector Screen

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  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - Metal made screen casing better reduces the risk of deformation and damage whether in transportation or in use; White plastic material made screen with four-layer composite structure, and the surface is smooth and flat; The four-layer fiber structure does not expand and contract due to changes in external temperature and humidity, which effectively prevents the screen from wrinkling and deforming.

  • MANUAL SELF-LOCKING POSITION SYSTEM - Manual screen innovative design self-locking torsion spring can accurately identify the subtle movements during opening and closing of the screen; Timely feedback to lock the screen to the specified position; Reduce pullback rebound and inaccurate positioning; The screen shaft uses high-purity lubricating oil, and the rotating structure is sealed and dust-proof and highly durable.

  • NEW VISUAL FEAST - The unique properties of white plastic materials ensure that each incident light is reflected uniformly; A panoramic viewing angle of up to 160° and a 16: 9/1:1 high gain allows you and your family to enjoy a private and customized IMAX movie screen; The screen supports 3D, 1080P, 4K, and Full HD images; The surface of the curtain is embossed with a matte coating, which effectively improves picture brightness and resists the interference of ambient light.

  • HUMANIZED DETAILS - White plastic material is mildew and moisture-proof, which can be scrubbed and is easy to maintain; we have provided you with two methods of installation: wall and ceiling mounting make it easy to set up in any home.

Can the ceiling mount support the screen by itself?
Yes, it can.
Is this screen compatible with short throw projector?
Yes, the screen is compatible with short throw projector but not compatible for ultra short throw. Besides, please make sure the screen is flat enough before you use the short throw projector.
Does the screen come with hardware such as screws to install the unit to the wall?
No, it doesn't.
Will I be able to install this on a roof that's slanted?
Yes, just hang the nails and adjust them as you needed.
What is the vertical pull down screen length
The vertical length is 49 inches which you can see in the NO.6 picture.