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VIVOHOME Outdoor American Flag Sectional Flagpole Kit 25 ft

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  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - This flag pole is made of high-quality and durable aluminum which won’t bend or corrode in bad weather; it can resist 40-50 mph strong wind; 2” Diameter and 1.2/1.3 mm thick aluminum flagpole will stand for years.

  • SUPERIOR DESIGN – 6 individual sections ensure that you can adjust the flagpole to the perfect height; a 5.1 mm-diameter nylon rope allows you to raise and lower the flag in a easy and convenient way.

  • FLAG INCLUDED - There is a free American flag in this flag pole kit, made of nylon material that resists UV light and corrosion, adding a touch of color to your front yard.

  • LAND OF THE FREE - Put it in your courtyard or in front of your company, show your pursuit for independence, democracy, freedom, and patriotism.

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - 25FT rust-proof aluminum flagpole consists of 6 sections and the brackets can be freely rotated; simply put the sleeve tube-in-tube and string the flag without any other tools; suitable for Flag Day, Memorial Day, Election DAY, Independence Day, Veteran's DAY and Christmas.


  • Easy To Assemble

It can be assembled within 5-10 minutes, just follow our user manual.

  • Golden Ball

Comes with an elegant and stylish golden ball topper that will make your flag pop.

  • Lifting Easily

46 feet of nylon rope will help lift old glory to the highest of heights, where she belongs.

  • PVC Sleeve

We provide a PVC sleeve for you to insert the flag pole into the ground easily.

Package Includes:
  • 1 x 25'Sectional Pole

  • 1 x 2"(Dia) PVC Sleeve

  • 1 x 3'x5' American Flag

  • 1 x 3"(Dia) Golden Ball

  • 1 x Pulley

  • 2 x Flag Buckle

  • 2 x Stainless Steel Clip

  • 1 x Nylon Rope

  • 1 x User Manual

Does it come with an inground socket??
Yes, it does.
What is the inside diameter of the pole?
As the the flagpole is 2" in Diameter and 1.3 mm thick in the aluminum material, the inside diameter should be approximately 4.94 cm.
Does this pool have instructions that explain a way to insert a PVC pole in the ground?
Yes, it has an easy understand user manual that includes the assembling instructions for your references.
What gauge aluminum?
We do 2" Diameter and 1.2 mm thick aluminum flagpole.
What is the thread diameter on the gold ball?
Its diameter is about 1.85 inches.