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SPECSTAR Lever Chain Hoist 3/4 Ton 1650 Lbs Capacity 5 Feet with 2 Heavy Duty Hooks

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  • SOLIDLY BUILT & SAFE - Made of high-quality alloy steel, the entire SPECSTAR hoist mechanism is sturdy and safe; The forged steel hook won’t break or bend even under even when overloaded; The system is equipped with a mechanical load steel brake that allows users to safely and accurately operate the device; The metal anti-release ring at the end of the G80 Chain also improves overall security
  • PREMIUM QUALITY G80 CHAIN - The Grade 80 chain is made of high tensile manganese steel and is hardened and tempered to prevent deformation even when overloaded; This strong chain is more wear-resistant than galvanized chain due to a black oxide finish; It’s powerful enough to lift 0.75 ton loads up to 5 feet in the air
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The hoist’s ratchet mechanism is solid and reliable; It has a perfect leverage ratio allowing users to easily ratchet to the maximum rated capacity; The non-slip rubber material cover with special texture on the handle makes this lever chain hoist easy to operate; It’s the perfect ergonomic design to save time and strain when lifting heavy-duty loads
  • DURABLE, COMPACT CONSTRUCTION - Compact construction makes the lever chain hoist easy to transport, the one-piece design housing with single big nut ensures housing tightness, and the streamlined alloy steel gear helps the chain slide smoothly and improves overall durability
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS - The lever chain hoist is mainly used in factories, mines, construction sites, wharves, docks, warehouses and other places for the installation of machinery, lifting goods, raising machinery for maintenance, and especially for open-air and unpowered operations; It’s also a good birthday gift choice for your gearhead husband