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VIVOHOME Portable 110V/220V CUT-50 DC Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine

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  • Improved cutting ability, compared with the oxy-acetylene cutting, the cutting speed increased by 1.8 times.

  • 50Hz frequency is inverted to high frequency (frequency is over 100KHz) by MOSFET.

  • The step down voltage and rectification current, inverter power supply generates powerful DC welding currant through PWM technology.

  • Thick steel plate cutting is very convenient , fast and economical. Max cutting thickness:1-12mm.

  • Can be used widely, it is suitable for cutting stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper and other metal materials.

Main Technical Data:

  • Rate input power: 4.8KVA

  • No-load voltage: 230V

  • Rate output current: 20-50A

  • Rate output voltage: 96V

  • Duty cycle: 60%

  • Motor: 1300rpm

  • Pilot arc model: HF oscillating

  • Pressure of air compressor(MPA): 0.4

Package Include:

  • 1pc x cutting torch LG-40

  • 1pc x earth clamp

  • 1pc x AIR Regulator

  • 2pcs x Plasma Tip

  • 1pcs x PG Head

  • 2pcs x gas pipe clasper

  • 2pcs x hoop

  • 1pc x English Manual

  • Chipping Hammer/ Wire Brush

  • Welding Face Mask

  • 1pc x Pressure reducing valve

  • 1pc x Goggles

What are the proper gun tip and cutting electrode for this product?
The gun tip for this product is PT31.
Can you tig weld with this cutter?
This can't weld, only cut.
Can this be used with my garage air compressor?
Yes as long as the air is adjusted to the right pressure and it is dry.