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VIVOHOME 110V 40 Inch Freestanding Garden Bird Bath Fountain

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  • DURABLE DESIGN - VIVOHOME Bird Bath is made of high-quality PP material and covered with resin coating, this fountain resists rain, water, and other weather, and won’t dent, break, or fracture.

  • STURDY BASE - Equipped with 3 ground stakes to keep it in the place; Additionally you can fill the pedestal with gravel or stones for extra stability.

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Constructed with simple components (8 pieces) that makes it easy to assemble; The bowl is easy to attach simply by screwing it onto the base, while the base is hollow and it’s convenient to fill with materials.

  • LARGE DIAMETER - This fountain’s dimension is 18.9 x 39.8 inches with a 14.6 inches base, which will hold adequate water to produce a pleasant sound of flowing water in your garden/yard.   

Package Included:

  • 1 x Water Fountain

  • 3 x Gound Nails

  • How long is the electrical cord?

    The electrical cord is 1.95M total in length.

  • Do I need to connect a water hole to this ?

    No, just fill the base and plug in to recirculate the water. You may need to refill the base every few days, depending on evaporation.

  • Does 3 tier take batteries?

    This 3-tier does not take batteries but is plugged in with electricity.

  • Does this have to be plugged in?

    Yes, the fountain need to be plugged in to work properly.