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VIVOHOME Indoor Countertop Electric Deep Fryer 20.7 Qt Large Capacity

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  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE - Equipped with a powerful 2500W heating element in each basin, this deep fryer guaranteed to fry food quickly and maintain oil temperature; Perfect for frying chips, fish, chicken, doughnuts, fritters, onion rings, shrimp, French fries, etc.

  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Features temperature control function and a heating indicator light; Temperature can be adjusted from 140℉ to 374℉ (60℃-190℃), this deep fryer will automatically shut off when the temperature is over 230℃ (446℉) or the temperature controller breaks down.

  • LARGE CAPACITY - With 2 x 10.36QT oil tank containers and 2 x 6.35QT removable baskets, this fryer conveniently cooks different food effectively while allowing you to quickly drain and remove food from the fryer.

  • THOUGHTFUL TOUCHES - Come with covers and cool-touch handles provide the ultimate convenience for users while preventing oil from splattering or spilling everywhere; An installed guard plate effectively balances oil temperatures and ensures food is fried evenly; The anti-slip feet ensure stability and reduce sliding during operation.

Note:To avoid sudden power failure, it is recommended that the fryer should be plugged in a wall socket rather than a wiring plate type socket and the two plugs are not allowed to plug in the same socket plate.

Why is there only one guard plate?
Two, not only one
Does it have nsf rating?
No, it doesn't.
What are the dimensions of the inside of the oil reservoir?
The capacity of the oil tank containers is 10.36QT. And you can have a detailed information from the last picture in our product listing page.
Can i use out doors?
As long as it can be normally energized, it can be used outdoors.
Is this item a 110 or 220 plug?
It is a 110 plug.