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VIVOHOME Single Blade 143 Lbs/Hr Snow Cone Ice Crusher Machine

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  • Electric (plug-in) power does the work for you; rapidly shaves ice (143 lbs of ice per hour) to meet large demands easily.

  • Built with food grade corrosion-free stainless steel hopper and blade. Rust proof and hygienic; fast and simple cleaning.

  • Sturdy base offers stable and quiet workstation; vibration and noise minimized to keep a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Water resistant on/off switch for convenience and peace of mind. Automatic power shut-off; blade stops rotating automatically when hopper is open to avoid injury.

  • Aesthetic design. Perfect for homes, restaurants, bars, canteens, snack stands, fairs, etc. 

        Product Specification:
        • Material: Stainless Steel

        • Crushing Capacity: 143 lbs/ 65 kg Per Hour

        Is the ice smooth or like old times snow cones and crunchy?
        It's mostly smooth. Like snow!
        Can I use bags of ice from grocery (tube ice)?
        Yes, you can.
        Does it keep ice frozen afterwards?
        No there is nothing cooling to keep the ice frozen in the bowl. It's just a metal bowl.
        would this work for vegetables? meat? semi-frozen meat?
        We don't recommend you to use the machine on vegetables, meat or semi-frozen meat.
        What kind of blade does it take?
        This ice shaver snow cone maker machine is built with food-grade corrosion-free stainless steel hopper and blade which are rustproof and hygienic; fast and easy to clean.