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VIVOHOME 17/20/23 Inch Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

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  • POWERFUL HEATING ABILITY - This electric fireplace has a heating capacity of 1400W/4777BTU, which is powerful enough to heat 300 sq ft of space; Guaranteed to keep you comfortable and warm through a cold winter.

  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - Temperature is easily adjustable with a simple turn of a knob; Adjust the temperature output from 0℉ to 95℉.

  • REALISTIC 3D FLAME - Creates a homey, comfortable 3D flame to bring you back to those early years when sitting by the fire, watching movies with the family.

  • QUARTZ TUBE HEATING - With quartz tubing we were able to construct an efficient electric fireplace that has a low noise output so as not to interrupt your life.

  • SAFETY PROTECTIONS - This electric fireplace is CSA-certified and meets American safety standards.

Product Specifications:

  • Material : Engineered Wood

  • Finish Type : Painted

  • Ventilation Type : Vent Free

  • Heat Output : 4777 British Thermal Units

  • Installation Type : Freestanding

How To Use:

  • Plug in the appliance into the socket.

  • For the flame effect, turn the right switch "ON"(Control switches are on the right side of the machine)

  • For a low level of heating, turn on switch "I"

  • For the full heating, turn on switch "I" and "II"

  • For the temperature control, adjust the left Temp Adjust.

    How do you make the flames brighter?
    You can just open the cover door and find the button switch to adjust the brightness and power.
    What is the Watts?
    This fireplace heater has 2 gears, you can set it 700W or 1400W.
    Can you turn on the flames without the heat?
    Yes. You can turn on the flame effect without the heat or turn on the heat without the flame effect.