Perfect Ideas for Kids’ Back-to-school Life in 2022

  • Aug 29, 2022
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Perfect Ideas for Kids’ Back-to-school Life in 2022

Back to school Is always one of the most exciting times for kids. They will look forward to what will happen in the new school year and what interesting activities they will experience with their classmates. And now, it’s the best time for you to give your kids some useful suggestions.

Foldable Board Game Mat

If your kids are board gamers, or interested in the board game, then this foldable board game mat is the best choice for you as a back-to-school gift. With this, you don’t need to spend many dollars on a game table and allow your kids to enjoy board games in a snap. With our unparalleled four-fold design and portable carrying bag, your kids can play whether it’s camping, parties, or just after lunch.

Not only it will be a fantastic gift for your kids’ school life but also suitable for adults who want to play poker cards with their kids or friends. The table structure with an octagonal cut design can perfectly accommodate 8 players. You can just use it to practice simple school vocabulary with your kids after school, or you can have fun with your friends after dinner. What a great choice for you!

Round Trampoline

To avoid a boring mood in school, you can prepare a trampoline for your kids. Trampoline is usually regarded as a both heart and family-friendly activity. After having studied for a whole day, it’s the best idea to have fun and exercise on the trampoline. 

You may be surprised to hear that trampoline is a kind of exercise, however, actually, it is. The benefits it brings are no less than running or walking. If you still don’t have a trampoline in your home, then this round trampoline with a protective net and safety pad is a good choice for you. You don’t need to go to a local indoor trampolining arena. You can just let your kids exercise and relax at home, in a safe environment. By focusing their minds on something different, your kids will release much stress from school. By every muscle is engaged, it will improve your kids’ fitness naturally.

Light Box Board

If your kids are quiet and don’t like competitive games, then this light box board will be a nice choice. If your kids are more likely to express themselves by painting, then this unit is a great tool for them to develop inner peace. For some kids, painting can be a kind of social activity. When they have art classes in school, they can show themselves through painting. And they can gain more concepts while they are working with other kids. For some kids, it’s a way to release their pressure. They are not good at communicating, so they learn to express themselves through colors and forms. This kind of non-verb communication helps kids deliver thoughts and develop skills for solving problems. Moreover, painting is a good time for you to spend time with your kids. You can create great memories about your bonding time. Painting can bring lots of joy you cannot imagine to a family.

With much preparation for your kids’ back-to-school life, not only your kids will enjoy school life but also you will have a more relaxed life without the pressure from your kids.



I like to lie on the trampoline after a whole day of studying to relax.


Sep 04, 2022


Trust me. Board games have a way of bringing significant joy to our life.


Aug 31, 2022


Yeah! Our family all likes to spend time trampolining! XD


Aug 30, 2022

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