Movies Suitable to Watch for 2023 Valentine's Day

  • Feb 10, 2023
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Movies Suitable to Watch for 2023 Valentine's Day

It nearly comes to Valentine’s Day in 2023! No matter whether you have a partner or not, this is a super good time to learn about what love is like and what kind of love you want to pursue. Today we have prepared three movies about some love stories that happen during travel, which can give you both a romantic story and a travel experience. There are also other kinds of special movie recommendations for Valentine's Day, come and get the list!

Roman Holiday is a classic black-and-white film. This comedy stars Audrey Hepburn as a princess out to see Rome alone and Gregory Peck as a reporter. Princess Ann has hard days on tightly scheduled routines and is in a bad mood. She secretly leaves her bedroom and country's embassy at night to witness city life. There is a lot of fun that happened during the process. The barber part is especially impressive. Ann harvests a free and happy memory, and also has a spark of love with the reporter Joe, however, she still needs to return to burden her mission as a princess. The ending is so touching when Joe and Ann see each other for the last sight. In this film, you can feel the beautiful side of humanity, such as love and respect that beyond benefits, and the consciousness of responsibility.

Eat Pray Love is about a journey to find inner peace and life balance. The heroine played by Julia Roberts starts to travel alone for exploring the life she wants. During her travel, she meet different people and had a fantastic connection with them, which is inspiring for how to get along with oneself. She finds the true pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy, feels the power of prayer in India, and gets the balance of loving herself and others in Bali, Indonesia. She reconciles with herself from the past and also builds up a new life at the end of the movie. It’s been an abundant and wonderful journey, you can experience the exotic scenery and feel the inner growth following the pace of the heroine. One amazing line from the movie that gives me power is the Italian word Attraversiamo, which means let’s cross over. It implies that we can go through all the adversities and embrace love and peace at last. If you are a sentimental person or feel lost in life, go watch the movie and get some inspiration!

Before Sunrise is a slow-paced and detailed movie. There aren’t any complex or exciting plots but casual and wide conversations abound in them. When they wandered in the street of Vienna, you can feel the flowing of love and tacit understanding between them. It’s a romantic story of two talkative people, perfectly fitting for those who dream of love with a strong spiritual connection. If you like this kind of movie, you can go to see its two sequels Before Sunset and Before Midnight, which you can know the later story and find more answers about love.

Other Special Movies List

Valentine's Day, for those who enjoy all-star casts, you will see many famous faces in this movie. Have a check if there are the stars that you would like to see their performances.

He’s Just Not That Into You, is for those who want to learn about the psychology of different people in love and hope to be rational in a relationship. The story in this movie is just like what happens to your friend in daily life. Therefore, it is more than illuminating if you have some doubts about a relationship or marriage.

La La Land, is for those who prefer musical comedy. The dancing scene in this movie is extremely romantic and beautiful. It also discusses the connection between intimate relationships and life dreams.

Marriage Story is for those who want to explore the deep truth about marriage. Some people say that it’s a divorce story, however, others say they are willing to put more effort into running their marriage after seeing this film. Only the wearer knows where the shoes pain. I reckon only the people in marriage know their true feeling about their marriages, so there is no fixed review for the movie, too.

Call Me By Your Name, for those who would like to appreciate the love story of a gay couple. The story happened in the summer countryside of Northern Italy. The atmosphere is natural and beautiful. Many reviews say it’s an excellent movie about puppy love and it’s easy for the audience to resonate with the heroes. 
That’s all for this movie recommendation, welcome to pay attention to our later content about Valentine's Day, the presents for this festival. May you have a fantastic day!



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