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VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire No Gas MIG 130 Welder Machine 110V Black
  • NO REACTION WELDER - With convenient flux-cored wire to self-release metal inert gas while welding, this welding machine prevents oxidation of the welded part.

  • WELDING PROCESS - This welding machine is particularly well-suited for projects of mild steel and stainless steel; It delivers a professional finish for any thin steel welding or auto body work you may need, being powerful and efficient.

  • ADJUSTABLE WELDING SPEED – The welder features 4x current flow settings; Adjust the current and 10-speed variable feed controls for perfectly managed flux-cored welding of thin steel, stainless or aluminum sheet metal, or even thicker steel.

  • PORTABLE DESIGN - Lightweight and compact design, with a comfortable hand grip; It only weighs 34.6 lbs., so you can take it as far as you can.

  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – 1x 6.6' welding gun with on/off safety control; 1x 4.9' grounding clamp; 1x welding helmet; 1x wire welding brush; 1 x 0.03" (0.8mm) Flux core wire; and several other small accessories.

VIVOHOME Portable MIG 130 Welder Machine 

Superior Adjustability, Portability, and Practicality

The VIVOHOME MIG Welder is designed with the highest-quality materials, including stainless steel, and is painted with a powder-coated finish that helps prevent corrosion, rust, and general wear and tear.

Comes with 10-speed adjustability for a variety of cutting needs, and 4 current flow settings from MIN. to 1 to 2 to MAX, making this cutter versatile enough to handle a variety of different materials.

  • No Reaction Welder - With convenient flux-cored wire to self-release metal inert gas while welding, this welding machine prevents oxidation of the welded part.

  • Adjustable Welding Speed – 10-speed welding controls make it easier to tackle thin steel or stainless or aluminum sheet metal, or even up to 1/4 inches steel with flux-cored welding.

  • Superior Oxidation Resistance - Thanks to the flux-cored wire that automatically releases metal inert gas while working, this machine prevents oxidation of any welded parts.

  • Portable Design - The exterior of the device, along with the handle, is heat-resistant, ensuring the machine does not melt or warp while working, and is resistant to wear and static build-up.

  • Wide Applications - This welding machine has a wide variety of applicable uses. You can use it to finish your automobile, art project, fix frames and supports, or whatever else you might need.

Product and Package Information

Input Power Voltage (V)




Max Absorbed Power




Output Current Range (A)


Max Current Output (A)


Flux Corded Welding Wire Diam

0.030'' - 0.035''

Insulation Class


Protection Degree


Power Factor

Want The Whole Place Visible?

Convenient Storage Space

The built-in storage space on top of the welding machine can conveniently store small widgets, nails, and screws.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

Overheating Protection

This welding machine is equipped with two air vents that help dissipate heat and reduce operating temperatures.

Catch them in the act

Free Welding Helmet

We’ve included a high-quality protective helmet to keep your face and eyes safe while working.

Wire Brush

The wire brush is used to remove debris and metal particles that drop during the welding process, making for a smooth, clear surface when working.

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How many tips does it come with? What size are they?
The machine is equipped with 2 tips: 0.8MM and 1.0 MM. But our machine supports 0.6MM, 0.8MM, 0.9MM and 1.0 MM.
What does the min/max and 1/2 buttons do?
They are used to adjust the current size, from small to large.
How long are the leads?
The length of the ground clamp is 59", and the length of the welding gun is 78.7".
How soon can I receive my product?
About 2-5 days.If the logistics time is delayed due to unexpected circumstances, we will compensate accordingly according to the product.