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VIVOHOME 400 RPM Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker Drills Kit

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  • DUAL CHISELS - This electric demolition hammer comes with 1 flat head chisel and 1 bull point chisel, meeting a variety of demands for construction purposes; Chisel heads measure 0.9” in diameter, while the flat bit is 13.98'' long and the point bit is 14.76'' long.

  • SAFE AND STURDY - Equipped with a retainer buckling in the rear part of chisels, it prevents the chisels from dropping out from the front cover, avoiding hazard and body injuries.

  • ANTI-VIBRATION HANDLE - The anti-slip rubber handle which greatly enhances friction and absorbs vibration allows you to have full control of the hammer with comfortable grip at the same time; The ergonomic design of the handle delivers a user-oriented experience during your operation.

  • MULTI APPLICATION - This 2200W demolition hammer should be applied to trenching, breaking concrete, chipping off concrete, grooving, bar cutting, and driving piles in the installation of piping and wiring, sanitary facility installation, machinery installation, water supply, and drainage work, interior jobs, harbor facilities, and other civil engineering work, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • Power cord: American standard 3-prong plug, 300V, 16AWGX3C, 9.2ft

  • Motor: Single-Phrase, 110V AC, 60 Hz

  • Current: 11.4A

  • Full-Load Impact Rate: 1,400/min

  • Load speed: 400rpm

  • Power: 110V/60 Hz,1500 W/2200 W

  • No-load power: 110V/60Hz, 510W

Package Included:

  • 1*Mask

  • 1*Gloves

  • 1*Flat chisel

  • 1*Bull point chisel

  • 1*Goggle

  • 1*Oil feeder

  • 2*Hexagon bar wrench

  • 1*Nut wrench

  • 2*Carbon brush

How long is the power cord?
Power cord: American standard 3-prong plug, 300V, 16AWGX3C, 9.2ft.
Need to know what type of oil your jack hammer
0W30 or 0W40 engine oil is fine, and 5W30 or 5W40 in winter will do.
What size shank bits work with this machine?
Diameter 30 x 360 or 30 x 410

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Abdel Torres

Very disappointed, the instructions has no clear explanation on how to feed the oil into hammer and wrenches supplied doesn't work on any of the holes to loosen nuts. Instruction book indicates that oil is supplied, and it's not. Dosen't even tell you the kind of oil to use.


Plumbing contractorThis hammer has only been used a few times but already paid for itself. Order hitachi hammer oil!!! The hammer does not come ready with oil.


Very difficult to change bit- not enough power to break up 3 inch concrete. Used a similar powered unit before and it was much better. Not sure if I got a dud or what but sent it back. Just didn’t have the power required. I have quite a bit of experience so I think it was just a dud. Sent it back and will try a different model or brand.


Very good for the price but heavier then other models and hard to engage the hammering in a angle. The mask is horrible will mess up ur lungw 🫁 thinking it will protect but no I coughed 3 days after use would be better off not including it since some might think it's ok to only use it and can be a very big health Hazzard!

John Spector

I live on the big island Hawaii I used it to dig my fence posts 3” of dirt then solid lava rock worked awesome light weight did 34 posts Home Depot wanted 133 a day rental or 2k for a new one paid for it self2nd day was impressed was Leary at the price but totally awesome an now I have a jackhammer to add to my collection of tools john Hawaii