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VIVOHOME DIY Plastic Raised Garden Bed Planter for Flower

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  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - This raised bed is made from reinforced PP materials, which operates perfectly in contact with soil and water and is not deteriorated by the weather, making it the best partner for your garden.

  • SELF-WATERING DISK DESIGN - Self-watering disk design provides space to reserve excess water and helps plants absorb the water and nutrition completely, also preventing rot; Manual drainage hole make it easy to drain or retain excess water to your plant's needs.

  • ADVANCED INSTALLATION- New design makes it easy and convenient for set up, just put the card frame and sheet together; Different garden bed patterns can be made as you desire.

  • RATTAN PATTERN - With stylish rattan pattern look, the garden bed is also light-weight and handsome for gardens, patios, balconies, restaurants, cafes and anywhere that could use plant life.

I'm looking for a planter to grow herbs. With these be a good choice?
It will be a good choice.
Hi. a little confused. is 1 set 4 boxes, or 2? i want 4 boxes so must i order 2 sets? also, how do i order additional columns as i'd like to elevation
1 is a set of two. If you want 4 you need to order two sets.
Do both containers come with legs?
Yes, they do.
Can one be set up by itself, or do you have to put the two together?
You can set one up as an individual.