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VIVOHOME Pressurized Biological Pond Filter with 13-watt UV Light, Up to 1600 Gallons
1600 GPH2100 GPH2600 GPH
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Its maximum flow-through is up to 6000/7000/10000 L/H, suitable for decorative ponds 0-1600/1600-2100/2000-2600 Gallons and fish ponds 0-800 /800-1000/1000-1300Gallons.

  • CONVENIENT TO CLEAN - Equipped with a crank handle on the top of the pond filter, it allows you to clean the filter with the internal cleaning rod without opening the container.

  • PREMIUM FILTER SPONGES - 4 Built-in brand-new filter sponges make a double filter area per unit volume to improve filtration and reduce maintenance.

  • UV LIGHT - Comes with a UV light, it inhibits the growth of brown algae and reduces water pollution and fish diseases for your fish; a blue indicator light tells whether the UV-C light is working or not.

  • POWERFUL EFFECT - This pond filter is an effective sealed pressure filter system that uses biotechnology to make the nitrifying bacteria breed faster; This helps to improve the quality of the water by speeding up the decomposition of fish feces; Notice: pump is not included.

VIVOHOME Bio Pressure Pond Filter 1600 Gallons

Built-in 13W Light & Easy to Clean & Sponge Changeable & ETL Listed

VIVOHOME's pond filter is designed for cleaning ponds. With adopted biotechnology to improve the quality of water and a filter that is made of high-quality ABS material that resists sunlight and aging, this unit will last. A unique and convenient design of the crank handle allows you to clean the sponges without opening the device.

  • The orange turbidimeter floats up to indicate that the filter cotton needs to be cleaned.

  • There are different sizes of drain holes, which can be adapted to different water pipe widths.

  • When the outlet does not need to drain, glass covers can be placed to seal the outlet.

  • Sponges can be removed and washed or replaced; The light is changeable.

  • Built-in cleaning mechanism makes filter maintenance be possible in a matter of minutes.

Want The Whole Place Visible?

4 Filter Sponges

Equipped with 4 filter sponges, which can be replaced, the filter ensures water flow and a clean pond.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

Cleaning Indicator

Constructed with a cleaning indicator on the top of the lid, if this indicator has impurities floating up, it will remind you to clean the filter sponges immediately.

Catch them in the act

Water Pipe Adapter

The water inlet and outlet are designed with a one-piece interface, their diameter is suitable for 20mm(3/4"), 25mm(1"), and 32mm(1 1/4") water pipes.

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Can this be ajusted for use on an in door 200 gallon tank ?
We're sorry that it can't be adjusted for use on the 200 gal tank.
Will a 1982 gph pump be okay for the 2100 filter?
Yes, it can.
Can you use a 2000 gph pump?
We have 1600 GPH suitable for ponds with fish Under 800 Gallons, 2100 GPH suitable for ponds with fish between 800 and 1000 Gallons, and 2600 GPH suitable for ponds with fish between 1000 and 3000 Gallons.
Where is the shipment from?
In the United States, all products are shipped from the United States, so there is no need to worry about logistics time.
How soon can I receive my product?
About 2-5 days.If the logistics time is delayed due to unexpected circumstances, we will compensate accordingly according to the product.