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VIVOHOME Metal Yard Porch Swing Stand Frame Fit Capacity 440 lbs

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  • FIT FOR MOST SWINGS AND WORK FINE FOR MOST PEOPLE - The VIVOHOME swing stand fits most swings on the market, including porch swings, net swings, disc swings, saucer swings, yoga trapeze, and many others; It is capable of holding up to 440 lbs which is suitable for people of different sizes.

  • STURDY STRUCTURE WITH STRONG MATERIAL - A-frame design provides stable bases and safe conditions; Constructed with approximately 2" diameter steel tubing frames with powder coated paint which gives the swing lasting protection for excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-wear performance.

  • COMES WITH 4 METAL GROUND PEGS - This swing has metal ground pegs that could be cemented in the ground, which helps keep the swing more stable and reliable; Do not need to worry about if the stand will be tripped over or not.

  • EXTRA WIDE WITH ROOM TO EXTEND - Much wider than the market average, our sturdy steel construction gives families more room to play safely with a full 71” of height and a width of 65” at the top and 83” at the base.

  • EASY INSTALLATION - The package comes with 16 pieces of steel tubing, and all the screws and tools you need to put it together; No other tools besides a hammer are needed; It usually takes 2 people around 15 minutes to assemble the complete frame and set it in the perfect position.

Can you hang more than one swing from this??
For your safety, we would like to recommend you apply only one swing on this Swing Frame Stand
Does the frame get hot in the sun?
Yes, it may become a little heated.
What base do you use on the legs to keep it from tipping when used indoors? I see people have set it up indoors.
we added an extra iron rod on each side of the tripod to keep indoors from tilting
Can this be used with toddler swing? It looks like the spacing is far apart.
Should work fine - plenty sturdy and easy to put up.