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VIVOHOME Outdoor Portable 1.6GPM 6L Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

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  • POWER EFFICIENT - The flow rate is 6L/min, which means, 1.6 gallons hot water can be output per minute; Low energy consumption, but very efficient.With automatic ignition and flameout modes, when you turn on the shower nozzle, the tankless water heater automatically ignites, and when you turn off the shower nozzle, the water heater automatically put out the flame; With this unique design, our heater can save the energy for you and ensure your safety at the same time.

  • CONVENIENCE - Applicable water pressure from 3~145 PSI(≥0.8GPM); If the water pressure is below 3 PSI, the water heater cannot be ignited; The water temperature is displayed in degrees Fahrenheit(℉).

  • SAFETY PROTECTION - Our products have more than 4 protection methods; The product has safety protection that measures such as overheating protection, antifreeze protection, flameout protection, and anti-dry protection, which prevent the product from doing harm to users, thus providing a comfortable and safe bathing conditions, being a reliable product.

  • WIDELY APPLICATION - Our gas water heater is mainly used for outdoor showering with hot water, soaking feet during a trip, washing pets during outside camp, washing your car or your boat outside; No more cold water outside shower, our water heater provides you a safe and comfortable hot shower at anytime and anywhere.

Product Specifications:
  • Material: cold-rolled steel

  • Specification: 6L

  • Air Pipe Joint: G1/2"

  • Water Pipe Joint: G1/2"

  • Battery Needed: 2 pcs D size batteries

  • Applicable water pressure: 3~145 PSI(≥0.8GPM)

  • Product Size: 11.8” x 6.1” x 17.3”

  • Net Weight: 11lbs

What is the elevation max?
There is no demand of height. As long as there is a certain water pressure into the water heater.
Is there a pump built in to suck in water or do you have to supply you own
There is no built-in pump. You can add an outer pump for sucking water.
How soon can I receive my product?
About 2-5 days.If the logistics time is delayed due to unexpected circumstances, we will compensate accordingly according to the product.
Where is the shipment from?
In the United States, all products are shipped from the United States, so there is no need to worry about logistics time.