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VIVOHOME Lift Electric Hoist 120V 440 Lbs with Remote Control

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  • HEAVY-DUTY - The VIVOHOME Electric Hoist is made of high-quality alloy steel and heavy-duty mounting clamps; The forged steel hook won’t break or bend even when overloaded; It’s equipped with a high-strength braided steel cable that has an anti-twist design; It features a height limitation device that prevents the user from lifting heavy objects past a safe height and damaging the machine body
  • DUAL-LINE OPERATION - Designed with a pulley lifting hook for dual-line operation; Single line lift specifications: 220 lbs. at 33 ft/min with a maximum height of 38 ft.; Double line lift specifications: 440 lbs. at 16.5 ft/min with a maximum height of 19 ft.
  • REMOTE CONTROL - The electric hoist comes with a remote control that allows for operation from distances of up to 98 ft.; This is an ideal solution when the hoist is placed far from the operator or on high beams, where conventional wire controls are not practical; The capability also allows for a safer site, as the operators can stay away from the lifting area; The stop button stops the machine running while emergency case
  • SAFE AND DURABLE - The entire copper motor is covered by a durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy housing; This sturdy electric winch is compact, lightweight, and built for long-term use; It has an overheating protection system that includes a built-in high-speed 8-page fan and a large lattice window that dissipates heat quickly; The electric hoist is designed with a built-in safety braking structure
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - The powerful 460-watt electric motor enables this hoist to lift heavy engines, bulky loads, heavy building materials, tools, and machinery; It’s perfect for garages, shops, hotels, and homes; Ideal for both professionals and hobbyists; Great for repairing boats, cars, lawnmowers, golf carts, furniture, engines, and more