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VIVOHOME Blue 110-120V Airbrush Machine Kit Set with 1/5 HP Air Compressor and 3 Airbrush

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE - A high-performance airbrushing machine with 3 kinds of multipurpose fluid tips; An intelligent solution to spray, inflate, paint and do airbrush jobs.

  • WELL-EQUIPPED - Comes with a compressor-mounted airbrush holder that holds two airbrushes; 1/5HP air compressor with air filter water trap delivers 23-25L/min airflow and 0.8cfm air volume.

  • PROFESSIONAL RESULTS - Unique, well-crafted equipment provides top-notch painting performance; This airbrush system runs with continuous, powerful pressure and is designed to turn off automatically if the motor is close to overheating.

  • CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE - Secured by a classic piston framework, pressures are steady and sufficient and designed to keep stable levels of air output; It is low-noise at 47-dB and is oil-free; Upgrade dissipation fan for releasing the heat to protect the machine and avoid damage to the motor.

  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS - This airbrush covers a wide range of uses from commercial art, temporary tattoos, sunless tanning, cake decoration, cosmetics, costume make-up, crafts, illustrations, retouches, and any other airbrushing activities.

Product Specifications:

  • Power: 1/5HP

  • Suitable Airbrush Nozzle: 0.2-1.0mm

  • Speed: 1450 speed/min for 50Hz, 1700 speed/min for 60Hz

  • Auto Start Pressure: 3Bar/43Psi

  • Auto Stop Pressure: 4Bar/57Psi

  • Air Flow: 23-25L/min

  • Adapter: 1/8BSP

Are the air brushes dual action?
It is double acting, the blue two are double acting Black is single action
Will this fit and 1/8" npt for airbrush, 1/4" npt for air compressor?
Yes, it will fit.
If properly thinned, can I use latex paint with these airbrushes?
No, you cannot.
How do I adjust the psi?
1. Pull up the lid forcefully 2. Rotate the lid to adjust.