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VIVOHOME 530/660 GPH Submersible Pond Filter Pump Fountain Kits with UV Sterilizer

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  • ADD MOTION TO YOUR GARDEN - Made of high-quality materials, this pond filter is waterproof and weatherproof; Its maximum flow-through is up to 2500 L/H suitable for ponds of 1180 Gallons; This pond fountain is elegant and eye-catching that help add air to the water and make a lovely centerpiece to your little pond.

  • IPX8 WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE - All the live parts of high-premium materials up to IPX8 standards, are sealed into the chamber with good waterproof and high insulation, which guarantee the endurance of this fountain filter; 33ft long power cord is UL certified for safe and stable use.

  • PREMIUM FILTER MATERIALS - Filter sponge and bio-balls (Biological media) will make a double filter area per unit volume and provide maximum surface area for beneficial microorganism growth, which help improve water clarity in water gardens and reduce maintenance; The indicator on the top tells you if the UV-C light is working.

  • 3 DIFFERENT WATER PATTERNS - Freely combine fountainhead with 3-type nozzles for various water-spray patterns, which allows you to change the way you want your fountain show to look; The pond filtration kit will not only keep this pond water clean but add a great deal of character to your pond.

  • BUILT-IN WATER PUMP - The fountain filter works through a built-in water pump, and the water flows into the filter after being filtered by a sponge and bio balls; Then the UV light can be used to kill harmful microorganism in the water, and then clean water is discharged out of the fountain; This pre-pump filter can also be used as a separate Submersible Water Pump.

Product Specifications:

  • Voltage/Frequency: 110-120V/60Hz

  • Power cord length: 394'' / 33'

  • Suitable for ponds area: 920 / 1180 GPH

What size tubbing? I have 1inch will that work
It adapts to 1/2", 3/4" or 1-inch tube
Where can you purchase the bio filter media
We seldom sell separate parts on Amazon. However, we usually offer a 1-year warranty for our product, if your item is broken during this period, you can contact us via Amazon & app's direct messaging service for replacement.
Does this have a diverter valve if you want to connect to a waterfall? The photos show it has but it's not on the description.
There is a regulating valve on the side.
Can this be used in a small pool?
The 660 GPH is suitable for ponds of 1180 Gallons while the 530 GPH is suitable for ponds of 920 Gallons.
Can this be run without the uv bulb? Biological starter stars to turn off uv. Can it run without the bulb??
The UV bulb has no separate control. And if you want to turn off the UV light, the power cord should be unplugged. Then the machine would not run.