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VIVOHOME Double Burner Stove for Camping

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  • HUGE HEAT OUTPUT - The flame can be adjusted by the regulator or by controlling the propane flow with the propane tank valve for best high flame and fast maximum heat output; The 2 powerful burners can output max.150,000 total BTU/hr, for 75,000 BTU each with 20 PSI; Equipped with a 10 PSI pressure regulator.

  • 2 IN 1 - The two individual burners can be operated independently and you can control the flame height with extreme accuracy to ensure you’re cooking at the right rate.

  • VERSATILE STOVE - With detachable legs and a 3-sided windscreen, this outdoor stove is compact, portable and easy to travel with.

  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made of a sturdy metal frame, the gas burner has cast iron top which can bear high temperatures, retard rusting, and is durable enough for a long service life.

Product Specifications:

  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

  • Power Source:Gas Powered

  • Rated output: 36,000 total BTU/hr, for 18,000 BTU each

  • Max. output (with 20 PSI): 150,000 total BTU/hr, for 75,000 BTU each

  • Max. output (with 10 PSI): 100,000 total BTU/hr, for 50,000 BTU each

  • Stove Height: 29" without windscreen /35" total


  • The product is equipped with a 10 PSI regulator, and it's also suitable for the 20 PSI regulator.

  • Tighten the propane tank valve after use; Check the hose connections regularly.

What size griddle can i buy to use with the 2 burner stove? Whats most compatible?
There be two kinds of variety griddles for this camp stove use: 1.Full size,The griddle size 32"*18" 2.Half size:15"*18" As it's powful cooker,So our suggestion is to use cast iron griddle as 3mm or 4mm steel/stainless steel griddle will be easily bent as the flame is focus in the center.
Can this be connected with natural gas line supplied in house (in the patio) instead of a propane tank?
This is high pressure propane cooker,Pls never use with nature gas.
Can you use this indoors with good ventilation?
Since the power of this product is relatively high, it's not recommended to use it indoors for the sake of safety.
I want to use it on a countertop without the legs attached. What is the height without the legs?
No, you can't use it directly on the desktop without installing the legs, because the flame temperature will radiate to the desktop and the table will burn out.