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What are the Features of a Kayak and How to Store It?

by Globo 21 May 2022 3 Comments

What are the Features of a Kayak and How to Store It?


In hot summers, water sports such as boating are so popular, especially in places that are near to the sea. As for boats, the kayak is a kind that many people are willing to choose. Do you know the features of a kayak and how to store it? If you plan to buy a kayak, this blog can help you quickly get an idea.



Kayak originated from the watercraft used by Inuit in North America. Unlike the purpose of hunting in ancient times, the modern kayaks are mainly for entertainment, sports, fishing, or traveling, and they have three features compared to canoes. One is speed. Kayak usually bears less weight and runs faster than other small boats. That’s why it is applied in speed competition or challenging water conditions. Another emphasizes the deck. Its deck wraps the seat and covers the interior to achieve the function of protection. The third involves the paddle. The paddles for canoes are with a handle on one end and a blade on the other end. While paddles for use in kayaks are longer, with a blade on each end.







After using the kayak or when it comes to off-season, the storage for it should be paid attention for good maintenance. Here is a guide on how to store a Kayak.


1. Clean the kayak and accessories thoroughly


Before putting your kayak into storage, you need to conduct a thorough cleanup. The following procedure is for your reference.


Firstly, take down all the accessories like the seat cushions or storage compartments. Wash these accessories then store them separately from the kayak when they are dry. Since they are usually fabric, which is a different material from the kayak. It’s beneficial for the maintenance to wash and store respectively.


Secondly, take the kayak to a shady place. Spray the kayak with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Then use a long scrub brush to clean all the dirt. Rinse the kayak with a hose, making sure that you have swilled every nook and corner of it.


Thirdly, take the drainage plug off and empty the water in the kayak. Wipe down the remnant water and put the kayak under the sunlight to dry it. Remember to leave the storage spaces open.


2. Choose an appropriate storage rack for the kayak


You may be wondering, why do we need a rack to store it? Well, if you just place it on a hard surface, that may cause it to be out of shape. Since the kayaks are not meant to sit directly on their hull for a long time, the exterior parts may get dented if there is no proper support on their side.


So, choose a sturdy carrier stand that can bear the weight of your kayak. It will help you to place the kayak in a steady position with good support.










3. Tips on storing a kayak indoors or outdoors



Generally, it’s recommended to store it indoors so that you nearly won’t worry about rains, direct sunlight, or rodents. The ideal storage condition is like this, a space with good ventilation, consistent temperature, and humidity. In such an environment, your kayak won’t tend to get mold.


As for the outdoors, at first, you need to choose a location that is under a good shade, which will protect your kayak from the ultraviolet. Besides, it will be secure if the location is hidden and you can lock the kayak somewhere in it. Secondly, remove any fabric accessories to avoid insects or rodents. Last but not least, use a tarp to cover the storage rack in case of rain. Be aware of leaving some space for ventilation. The kayak will easier to get moist and musty if you wrap it too tight.


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18 Jul 2022 Mike

I am gonna get a kayak rack.

13 Jul 2022 Candy

so detailed

07 Jul 2022 Nancy

That’s great, practical suggestions!

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