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Start Your Amazing Summer Adventure in 2022!

by Globo 09 Jan 2024 5 Comments

Start Your Amazing Summer Adventure in 2022!

Shakespeare once wrote a love poem starting with, shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Here we can feel how lovely a summer day is! The plants are growing cheerfully and people are energetic, which is a lively season for enjoying life. Have you made any plans for this summer? Read the ideas below and get inspiration for starting your own amazing summer adventure!

Go Swimming, Surfing, or Fishing

In summer, once you get close to the water, for example, the fountain, lake, pond, or sea, you will tend to cool down. That's why we recommend them first. The followings are practical tips for each activity!


If you go to a public swimming pool, what you need to mind are the toiletries. Don't forget to bring your shampoo and towel with you. Besides, you’d better get to the swimming pool when there are few people cause the water in the pool is cleaner at that time.


Speaking of surfing, safety is the key. Make sure that you have a professional coach when you are not skillful enough. Besides, sunscreen is a must for protecting your skin from ultraviolet.


When you go fishing outside a pond or a lake. We truly advise you to take a canopy tent with mesh walls. It will make a big difference when mosquitos and bugs come to annoy you.









Decorate Your Garden

As we have said before, summer is a great season for plants, therefore, it's also an excellent time to make your garden look better than before. Let’s have a look at these awesome items.


A plastic raised garden bed planter kit is a fantastic choice for both beginners and veterans. It's easy to set up and nifty to use. The most fascinating is that you can design the various combinations of garden beds that are in different shapes, and you can also adjust their position, which means you will have a personal view designed by yourself and you can change it as you like!


The second item is related to birds. Placing an antique outdoor bird bath will create a romantic atmosphere in your garden. You will be more than excited when it attracts little birds to be a guest in your garden. How fun it is, go and get an elegant one!





Do a Craft with Families

During the long summer days, why don't try something that needs inspiration? The experience and the work will become fun memories if you do it with your families.


Have you ever made pottery by yourself? The shape, the size, and the patterns are all up to you. Imagine the texture of your own pottery and the moment when you make it! Get one appropriate pottery machine and enjoy the feeling of being an artist!


In addition to the pottery wheel forming machine, the combo heat pressmachine is also suitable for summer. There are many optional accessories in a different combo set. You can print pictures for your mug, T-shirt, hat, or pen, so many choices! If you are interested in it, remember to do other preparations, for example, the special paper and printer for making the pictures that are used for the heat press. 







Play with Your Pet Dogs

Speaking of adventure, how can we ignore our pet dogs? There are two wonderful items for you to relish the time with your dogs.


One is the dog agility training kit, there are abundant training ways including tunnel drilling, pauses, jumping, and so on, which will help the dogs improve their skills and have good exercise.


Another is a pet swimming pool. It's super convenient for you to provide a bath for your dog. If there is a kid in your home, then they can have fun playing water together in this swimming pool!


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03 Aug 2022 Nancy

This theme is great

31 Jul 2022 Vivian

The heat press looks amazing

10 Jul 2022 Faye Z

Love the garden part

06 Jul 2022 Francis

Got inspiration to play with my doggy

06 Jul 2022 Leaf

Thanks for these wonderful ideas! They are practical, I’m gonna prepare for it

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