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Perfect Ideas for summer date - 2022 Guideline

by Globo 09 Jan 2024 4 Comments

Perfect Ideas for summer date - 2022 Guideline

Summer brings longer days, warmer weather and more opportunities to make the most of both with someone special. For those of you who are feeling a little slothful after a long cold winter and a soggy spring, these summer date ideas will get you out of your bulky cold-weather clothes, feel the sun on your face and heat things up in more ways.

When you're sick of Netflix and chill and want to get out there in the world again, we've got plenty of more active activities. There are so many romantic things to do outdoors, from artistic pursuits like open-air concerts and live theater, to tasty picnics and unique food trucks, to outdoorsy activities like hiking and biking that will make you sparkle as you grow closer together. Then, when it's time to cool off, there's always the beach or a pool where you can splash all the fun.

When you've exhausted all the possibilities in town or local, you can always fuel up your car, put on your favorite road trip playlist and head to someplace new to start over. Whether you're in search of first date ideas to test the waters with someone new or looking to spice up your current relationship beyond traditional dinners and movie outings, these summer dates are perfect inspiration.


Picnic in the park or backyard - You can pack all the snacks and a cozy rug to a park and find a soft grass. Or place a picnic table in your backyard and prep a surprise candlelight dinner for your partner.


Go to the beach - A small getaway from city life. Just don't forget to bring sunscreen, find a comfy beach chair, and put on your favorite swimsuit.

Play ball games - Order some food, relax in your backyard and just enjoy being in each other’s company. You can set up a badminton net and play singles or doubles as you wish. 


Go fishing - It's a bit rustic, we know, but a day on the water makes for a great bonding experience. And it is perfect for deep conversations. You won’t just make small meaningless talks while sitting for a rather long period of time.

Wake up early (or stay up late) and watch the sunrise - Romantic, nostalgic and the perfect way to make sure you and your boo are centered before the chaos of the day ensues. Whether you watch from a rooftop, the beach or even just a hill in the park, admiring the sunset is a dreamy summer date idea. Be sure to pack a blanket, so you can snuggle up while you enjoy the magic — and maybe some Champagne if you’re feeling extra romantic.

Workout together - Try learning a new sport together and sweat it together.

Go fruit picking - Blueberries and strawberries are in full bloom on warm days. Nothing is more tasty than fresh fruits.

Go to a open cinema - Getting out of the house to enjoy a concert or a movie night under a starry sky has been no simple task since the Corona virus spread throughout all over the world. Drive-in theaters are a COVID-safe way to escape from isolation and enjoy some entertainment with your significant other.

Test out summer recipes - There are so many salads, main dishes, sides and desserts you can learn to make during these hot-weather days.

Plan an overnight camping trip - Nature, the best place to unplug and reconnect. You can rent kayaks or canoes and explore a local waterway. Leave all your worries behind and enjoy precious time with your loved ones. 

Try homemade baking - A couple that indulges their sweet teeth together, stays together. The kitchen is where the romance of a lifetime occurs. If you want an intimate date night, check out online cooking classes for an equally exciting culinary experience from the comfort of your home.

Wine Tasting - Vineyards are especially gorgeous in the summer, which makes it the perfect time for a wine tasting date. Sip delicious wines while admiring the picturesque vineyard landscape. Nothing beats a cold, refreshing beer in summer. Visit a brewery (or two or three) and enjoy delicious craft beers in an exciting atmosphere. Many breweries even have outdoor patios so you can really enjoy the summer weather.

Brunch - Brunch is always a good idea, and even better on warm, sunny summer weekends, especially if you're dining on a lovely patio or patio and dress a little fancy.

Summer date ideas don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be fun. Grab your special someone and start enjoying the beautiful season of summer!

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09 Aug 2022 Kim

These things are so romantic and touching.

07 Aug 2022 Donna

Can’t wait to try all these with my other half.

31 Jul 2022 Alice

Let’s seize this summer!

19 Jul 2022 Tommy

So inspiring!!

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